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Easter processions preparation taking account of possible health requirements - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

The processions have been affected for the past two years.

24-02-2022Pere Bota

Brotherhoods in Mallorca are preparing their Easter processions without yet knowing exactly what the public health administration will permit.

The Bishopric is hopeful of a return to normality, the processions having been affected by the pandemic over the past two years. However, spokesperson Pep Serra says that different scenarios are currently envisaged, “because we still don’t know which way it will go”.

While it is expected that processions will go aheadThe cases are connected t, it is at present unclear as to whether these will take the usual routes or need to be modifiedpfizer_biontech_covid_19_vaccine. A factor is the width of streets. In Palma, for example, C. Sant Miquel and CThe end of July.. Oms may have to be eliminated because they are quite narrowDel..

Diocesan secretary, Jaume RigoIndoor organized gatherings, stresses the importance of “everything being prepared and ready to go“The full story here: Doug Ford in isolation after aide tests positive for COVID-19. He is in regular contact with the health ministry to find out whether or not there will be restrictions, saying that “if we do not prepare now, we will not have the time”.

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