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Furniture is a necessity for every family. Now the finished products on the market can no longer meet people's needs, so the whole house customized furniture came into being, and quickly occupied a place in the furniture market, and was sought after by everyone. However, now there are many brands of whole house customized furniture, so that consumers do not know how to start. Now let's talk about the top ten brands of customized furniture in the whole house. You can refer to the top ten brands of customized furniture in the whole house to choose a brand suitable for you

top ten brands of customized furniture in the whole house


MAG is a Furniture Customization company established in Chongqing. Over the years, it has been leading the dissemination of the concept of customized furniture in China and has made contributions to hundreds of millions of families. At the same time, MAG has become a well-known full house customization brand with its own efforts to concentrate on the research and development of high-quality products. In addition, MAG is a furniture company that is trusted by the owners because it aims to meet the personalized needs of customers

2. Jianmu

China Jianmu is a furniture company mainly customized with high-end logs. It is understood that from the selection of wood to the design of furniture, every procedure of simple wood is carefully considered and carved, and the wood used in every product is superior. Therefore, in the question of what brand of whole house customization is good, I believe Jianmu will meet everyone's pursuit

3. Sofia

Sofia is a well-known customized furniture enterprise, and it is also one of the top ten customized furniture brands in China. In recent years, Sofia has been developing distinctive furniture according to the needs of consumers for Furniture Customization. And when it was first established, it brought cabinet sliding door products to China, and also combined the advantages of handmade finished furniture and customized furniture, so interested owners may wish to refer to it

4. Baidu wins

Baidu wins has adhered to the concept of original design since its inception, so it has been recognized and pursued by countless consumers. However, with the help of two R & D and design teams composed of more than 30 people, yum! Brands has well integrated Chinese and Western design elements into the design of all products, and also ensured that any product is a unique original design. Therefore, we believe that the whole house customization of Yum! Brands can give owners a satisfactory Furniture Customization scheme

5. Haolaike

haolaike has always worked hard in the field of all wardrobes, and first proposed “ All wardrobe ” Concept, following the concept of professional concentration, and continuously integrating the European fashion home trend into Chinese shopping malls, is one of the leading brands leading the development of all wardrobe in China. Set the location to do “ All wardrobe leaders ”, Creating a comfortable and satisfying home space for consumers has become a career vane

6. Europay

europay home is one of the top ten Chinese wardrobe brands, and strives to describe and develop the concept of one-stop combination of all home customization. In 2006, he entered China and concentrated on the production and implementation of all household appliances. Europa products include all wardrobes, all cabinets, bathroom, wooden doors, high-quality hardware, etc., which build the main body of all homes and provide a one-stop solution for all customized homes. Master customization from Italy and europay have become long-term suppliers of many Fortune 500 companies in the world

7. Novija

in Guangzhou, China in 2000, several designers who advocated Italian design style and had Italian registration licenses gathered because of their common interests and ideals, and established Guangzhou nuoja decorative materials Co., Ltd. to engage in home decoration design. In 2004, seizing the opportunity of the customized wardrobe industry, he founded “ Novi family ” Wardrobe brand, and set up a production base in Guangzhou, China

8. Shangpin home furnishings was founded in 2004. It is a brand of Guangzhou Shangpin home furnishings Co., Ltd. and a furniture enterprise that emphasizes the rapid development of high-tech innovation. There are 38 Direct stores in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Nanjing and Wuhan, and more than 800 franchise stores nationwide. Shangpin homestead successfully signed a first-line movie star Zhou Xun as the image spokesperson

9. Founded in 2004, Weiyi customized furniture is a furniture enterprise integrating design, manufacturing and service. Weiyi breaks the traditional furniture manufacturing mode and realizes the innovative business mode of digital sales design by means of informatization. The size, color and style can be selected by the customer himself. The production progress can also be queried through the real-time network, so that the customer can personally participate in all links and experience high-quality products and services

10. Ruili IKEA

adheres to the business philosophy of giving consumers a better home living environment, adheres to providing a wide range of products, and adheres to producing beautiful and practical furniture at low prices. As one of the top ten brands of customized furniture in China, it adheres to the design and manufacturing of customized furniture products and has long been committed to providing Chinese consumers with a beautiful home environment

the above is the introduction of the top ten famous brands of customized furniture in the whole house. The brand ranking section above has priority. It is suggested that you go to the local market to choose by yourself according to the actual needs of home decoration. If you have more related questions, please continue to pay attention to this website, and more wonderful content will be presented to you later




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