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After more than 30 years of development, China's furniture industry has had a considerable scale. From the initial "Carpenter's monopoly" to today's "industrial manufacturing", there are more and more types of wood products - industry segmentation has become a necessity

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- in addition to the commonly heard furniture paint and wood door paint, what are the other classifications

-- what are the differences between wood coatings

-- why did Zhan Chen put forward the "eighteen kinds of lacquer art"

general trend of industry segmentation

after more than 30 years of development, China's furniture industry has had a considerable scale. From the beginning of "Carpenter alone", to today's "industrial manufacturing", there are more and more types of wood products - industry segmentation, which has become a necessity

the subdivided industries have some new characteristics, such as the field of wooden doors pays more attention to standardization and mass production, children's furniture pays more attention to environmental protection and health, classical furniture pays more attention to process performance, and so on. Moreover, industry segmentation has also led to the emergence of more professional large-scale enterprises in various fields. These enterprises continue to give full play to their professional capabilities in a single product, thus forming a professional community and eventually becoming an independent industry system

painting differences of different types of furniture products

in the traditional understanding, the role of paint has two points, one is to protect the surface, and the other is to make it more beautiful through color harmony. After the industry segmentation, we can see that different wood products have more diversified needs for coating, which is mainly divided into the differences of coating products and different coating processes

in terms of paint products, one is the choice of paint types. For example, Pu can better form the fullness of the surface paint film, and it is the best way to use it to realize the surface decoration of wooden doors, cabinets and other products; And PE products have good hardness, so using it to paint various countertops can better play a protective role; Water based paint products have good environmental protection properties, and its film has good elasticity, making it the best choice for outdoor furniture; UV products are more suitable for flat parts, and they are the best partner with products such as flooring

the process part seems to be more complex, which focuses on the matching selection of primer and finish, and the realization of color system. For different furniture products, the coating process is very different. Choosing a more appropriate process will be of great value for reducing production costs and even achieving the coating effect

comprehensively understand the eighteen kinds of lacquer art of zhanchen painting

based on the painting characteristics, zhanchen subdivides the application fields into 18 systems and gives them the name "zhanchen eighteen kinds of lacquer art of painting", which focuses on the subdivision of different application methods, including high-end wooden doors, high-end cabinets, office furniture, panel furniture, solid wood furniture, classical furniture, display and display, bathroom furniture, children's furniture, wood flooring There are 18 categories, including wooden stairs, whole wood home decoration, shutter doors and windows, outdoor furniture, musical instrument speakers, craft jewelry, rattan art, bamboo art, etc

at the same time, according to the characteristics of these 18 types of furniture products, zhanchen has launched appropriate coating products and recommended processes, aiming to more professionally serve various sub industries and make all kinds of professional products have better surface effects





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