Beginner's secrets of rookie decoration 10 taboos

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After buying a house, it's about to be renovated, but many people still don't understand anything and don't know where to start. It doesn't matter. I have the decoration secret here - the top 10 "Taboos" of decoration. Let's have a look at it quickly

after buying a house, it's about to be renovated, but many people still don't know anything and don't know where to start. It doesn't matter. I have the decoration secret &mdash& mdash; Top 10 decoration “ Avoid ”, Take a quick look. 1. Avoid “ There is no overall situation &rdquo

before decoration, you should know the decoration style of the room, the decoration materials used, the selection and general placement of furniture, as well as the decoration budget. Don't think about these without consideration, all based on temporary likes and dislikes, and no overall consideration for room decoration. In this way, furniture often does not conform to the decorative style

2. Avoid rushing to start work.

some people are eager to move in after they have a new house, so they hurried to find a decoration company and asked the other party to hand over the work in ten and a half days. As for the design of the room and the selection of decorative materials, these heads of households did not consider it carefully. These problems may arise: the decoration company chosen in a hurry cannot be satisfactory, and the design and construction level cannot meet the requirements. Therefore, before decoration, you should not be in a hurry. You should set aside a period of time to consider the design of the room and the choice of decoration materials, and take a period of time to choose a qualified decoration company

3. Don't distinguish between primary and secondary

some people don't distinguish between primary and secondary in decoration, for all spaces “ Treat everyone equally ”. Such decoration not only costs too much, but also often “ Twice the effort ”. In fact, the decoration of some spaces in the whole room can be simpler, and the space can be decorated with furniture and decorations

4. Avoid “ One size fits all ” Unity of style

although a house should be unified in a decorative style, each room has different functions, and the occupants are also different. Therefore, it is forbidden to adopt a decorative style and use the same decorative materials in all rooms. Doing so can only make the room appear to lack interest and change

5. Avoid superficial “ Paint and powder &rdquo

in terms of the current architectural pattern, not all the patterns are very reasonable, so don't rely on the original pattern of the room and only make the “ Superficial ”. This will only bring more inconvenience to users. From an aesthetic point of view, rectangular rooms are not ideal

6. Avoid “ Unattended &rdquo

some consumers entrust the whole process of decoration to decoration companies, and they do not participate in any opinions. The room decorated in this way cannot highlight the home taste of the owner

7. Avoid pursuing “ One step &rdquo

at present, most people hope to decorate “ One step ”, In fact, home is also “ Growth ”, The decoration should be adjusted accordingly. For example, when children grow up, the decoration and furniture of the children's room should be changed accordingly; Parents are old and no one takes care of them. Do you have to consider decorating a room for the elderly

8. Avoid being divorced from the actual situation

the decorative technique of copying the album without the cultural background, often only “ Draw a tiger but not a dog ”, Therefore, we must avoid breaking away from the cultural background. If the room is in western style, but equipped with a Taishi chair, it will be very disharmonious

9. Avoid blind comparison

some people consider the degree of luxury in decoration, resulting in budget overruns, and as a result, they cannot buy matching furniture

10. Avoid being separated from the external environment

if your room is very noisy and messy outside, the internal decoration should be concise; If the room is in the shade, do not use dark colors for decoration, try to integrate the internal and external environment as much as possible, pay attention to small details, and the decoration quality of the whole house can reach a higher level





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