Many advantages of decoration in summer

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1、 Whether the material is environmentally friendly is easier to distinguish

it is well known that all kinds of wood, wood-based panels, glues and even furniture purchased from finished products used in the decoration process are possible, or even absolutely hide formaldehyde, and the toxic gases contained in the paint, such as radon and benzene, also stay in the newly decorated room for a long time, posing a health hazard. And the existence of this hidden danger is also the thorn in the eye of all owners and decoration companies

summer is a good season to accelerate the release of harmful substances such as formaldehyde in the air, so from another point of view, this high temperature season is conducive to the detection and verification of whether decoration materials are environmentally friendly

take wood materials as an example. When the temperature reaches above 28 ℃ and the humidity exceeds 45%, the formaldehyde in them will be released multiple times. At this time, we can roughly infer whether the main materials or the auxiliary materials used by the decoration workers are environmentally friendly by using our nose. Materials with a warm and pungent smell are easily rejected. In addition, at this time, the release of toxic gas is accelerated while construction is being carried out, so the new houses that are usually decorated and open in summer are more safe and environmentally friendly. This approach can minimize the owner's safety problems as far as possible

second, the off-season price of decoration is more affordable

the bad weather undoubtedly makes summer the traditional off-season of decoration for decoration companies and workers. Decoration companies often use this off-season to do some promotional activities, during which not only profits are made in price, but also gifts are affordable

generally speaking, in this off-season, once a decoration company meets a hard-working owner who is rarely seen, it will often retain him at any cost, which is not only affordable, but also a skilled worker who can let you choose at will during this period of time. And the vast majority of decoration companies hope to use the off-season to seriously let workers do a few good projects, thinking that when the coming peak season comes, they can come up with enough satisfactory decoration model houses

in addition, the days are long in summer, and the working hours of decoration workers are relatively extended, so it is also very helpful to speed up the project progress and shorten the construction period

third, the effect of painting is better in summer

although for the decoration companies in the south, the plum rain solar term will indeed bring some trouble to the decoration, in fact, unless it rains for seven or eight consecutive days, it will have a certain impact on the decoration

but even if this continuous heavy rainfall weather, the biggest trouble it brings is that the paint is not easy to dry out, but even if this situation appears, the problem is only to extend the construction period. If the owner is really impatient and wants to catch up with the project deadline, there is no need to worry too much. Only letting the construction personnel blow the wall with an electric fan can also dry the paint thoroughly, and the decoration quality will not be greatly affected

on the other hand, the advantage is that in summer, the temperature is high, the smell is easy to volatilize, the paint dries quickly, and the polishing is timely. The brightness of the paint can be fully displayed, and the paint effect is the best

IV. moisturizing and ventilation are essential

first of all, the temperature is relatively high in summer, and the water evaporates too fast. If the material is not suitable, it is easy to crack, change its shape, and even fall off, so the requirements for clay bricklayers are higher. In order to ensure that the tiles absorb enough water, it is best to soak them in advance, and then remove them after absorbing enough water. After the surface is dried in the shade, it is also necessary to soak them twice, and use them while fishing, so that the tiles that absorb enough water can be obediently adhered to the ground and walls. After tiling the floor, it is best to cover it with a layer of cardboard, pour it through with water, and then open the glass window to let it dry naturally in the shade. For the walls with ceramic tiles, if the temperature is high and there is no rain for a long time, spray water on schedule to make the tiles dry slowly and stick more firmly

secondly, there are many rainstorms in summer, especially in plum rain season. When the air humidity is high, it is easy to cause some wood deformation problems. However, judging from the current decoration process, most of the woodwork, such as doors, floors, furniture, etc., are not processed and manufactured on site, but dehydrated in the constant temperature chamber of the manufacturer and treated by high temperature and compression, so they are not affected by the solar terms. As for the wood products manufactured on site, we need to pay attention to some special regulations in summer. When explaining the construction process of the construction site to us, Wang Gong of Minhang store of Shanghai Youqu decoration company once stressed that formal decoration companies generally have a complete set of construction process systems. If they strictly follow these standards for construction, they can be spared from quality problems

finally, the safety requirements for hydropower materials are also higher. The materials used such as wire pipes and tapes should be able to resist long-term high temperature and waterproof. Now, galvanized iron pipes are mostly used for wire pipes. If you want higher quality, you can use hot-dip galvanized iron pipes to strengthen the strength and hardness of materials. The connection of electrical circuit is the guarantee of electricity safety. High temperature for a long time is easy to make the insulating tape fall off, causing potential safety hazards. If you want better technology, you can use the connector to replace the black tape, and you can avoid the phenomenon of tape falling off at the joint

v. don't forget the small details

from the perspective of safety, the stacking of materials on the construction site should be placed in a cool place as far as possible to avoid indoor pollution or fire caused by poor air circulation and high temperature, resulting in unpredictable losses

for houses facing south or west, the construction personnel should take sunshade measures to maintain a suitable indoor temperature and avoid excessive indoor and outdoor temperature difference. According to the standard, the room temperature of decoration in summer should be controlled at about 28 ℃

wallpaper and paint should be dried naturally. As the summer is dry, the wallpaper is generally soaked in water before paving, and then painted with glue. If the doors and windows are opened at this time, and the newly paved wallpaper blows through the hall wind, the wallpaper will shrink and change its shape due to rapid water loss

in summer decoration, it is easy to encounter the problem that latex paint will mildew and taste in hot and humid climate due to its slow drying. The general method for this is to keep the window open for a long time, and the furniture cabinet door is not closed. Maintaining ventilation and air circulation can take away and help evaporate water

due to the high temperature in summer, toxic substances can easily volatilize, so that newly decorated houses should pay attention to the detection of indoor environment. Therefore, if the premise permits, we should try to make the room more ventilated. If there is no premise, indoor ventilation devices and air purification devices that can reduce indoor toxic gases can be selected




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