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Meipan analysis on the development trend of integrated environmental stoves

[the machine can only be installed with the experimental machine telecommunications] since the creation of integrated stoves, on the whole, China's integrated environmental stoves market has been tepid. No standards, long-term disorderly competition; Lack of technology and uneven quality; Less recognition, low market acceptance and other factors all restrict the development of the emerging kitchen electric industry of integrated environmental protection stoves. The prospect of the integrated cooker industry is very considerable, but how can the integrated cooker industry have a say in the kitchen electricity industry so that most of China like to use the integrated cooker? Meipan, who has always been on the cutting edge, makes the following analysis on the current integrated stove from its own experience:

there is great room for development to improve and upgrade the high-quality integrated stove

comprehensively upgrade the integrated stove and follow the regular route of science and technology and high-end. The crude integrated stoves will be eliminated, and the products will be continuously improved to completely subvert the past in terms of innovation, technology, style and quality. The integrated stove should be fine in workmanship, with few defects. The product styles should be diverse, and the enterprise should mature and become stronger in development. Domestic consumers are no longer blindly following major international brands. On the premise that quality, taste and quality can be met, they begin to believe in and try to buy domestic kitchen appliances signed by the main venue of "macro policy trends" in 2016 IFAM with the specimen of "design and manufacture in China", and are willing to pay for higher prices than before

it also has the characteristics of wide measurement range, high precision, fast response, etc. for the current affluent life, the pursuit of high-quality goods is the current consumption fashion. A batch of excellent integrated stoves have entered the market, and hundreds of millions of consumers have taken the integrated stoves as their purchase goals. The change of Chinese consumption taste is a good opportunity for the development of domestic integrated stove brands

don't copy blindly. Keep creating original brands.

most domestic integrated stoves are now in the stage of reference. The trend of plagiarism of integrated stoves is so prevalent today. Meipan's brand operation mode, product style and channel construction are all copied. Meipan suggests not blindly plagiarizing. We should act according to our own strength, find a suitable route and have our own characteristics. Just blindly plagiarizing, exhausting their energy, because the development of the enterprise is the accumulation of time and strength, and each link can not be ignored. If the enterprise does not develop to that level, but does such a high level of things, it can only die on the road

big brands can easily occupy the market

when the entire integrated stove industry is upgraded, the brand's value of existence will also be upgraded. From the market demands of the "meipan" integrated stove, we can see that the market needs to be a leading and shaping brand, and consumers need to be a brand that is more trustworthy and has substantial characteristics. The combination of these two needs just provides a direction for the next path of the domestic integrated stove brand

put a unique coat on the integrated stove brand

if you ask what the current integrated stove brand is most afraid of, it must be meaningless homogeneous competition. According to the current market situation, once the homogenization phenomenon fades, it will usher in a brand competition based on "strength and characteristics". The market is more and more advocating brand effect, and consumers are more and more valuing brand strength. This new round of war is testing the comprehensive strength of the brand. Meipan thinks that if it wants to continue to survive and accelerate the pace of development, it is the first task for all integrated stove brands to strengthen their own characteristics and seek irreplaceable

seeking quality but not quantity, working slowly to produce fine work

in the view of meipan today, "winning by quantity" is not a myth. The quality of the brand is related to the brand positioning of the integrated stove and the cultural heritage inside the integrated stove. When the overall economic situation declines, meipan has higher requirements for franchised stores. Meipan strives to make every store the most powerful local brand store. The lack of stores does not mean that sales will decline. For the newly franchised meipan franchised stores, in the difficult days this year, their sales situation is stable and better. Meipan believes that investment promotion and franchising are not in a hurry to seek transformation, that is, the development mode should be changed from the factor scope type to the quality and benefit type, and that a series of brand spirits such as slow work and meticulous work, and seeking quality but not quantity are the main reasons for maintaining good vitality in the face of crisis

the future trend of meipan integrated environmental protection stove will only be better and better, and the enterprise development will be more and more stable

(source: electromechanical correspondent: zhujinyan: zhanghuijuan)

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