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Analysis on the development trend of global touch panel industry

China touch screen news, the first flat display technology forum, was delivered by Mr. yangrenjie, analyst of DIGITIMES research center. He pointed out that since 2008, Japanese businessmen have still mastered the advantages of touch panels, and then gradually lost their price competitiveness. The entire touch panel supply chain flows to Taiwan businessmen and Taiwan funded mainland factories in the mainland, while mainland manufacturers mainly supply fake low-end products. In the resistive touch panel part, Taiwanese manufacturers of low-level products fade out, while Taiwanese manufacturers of high-level products surpass Japanese manufacturers in terms of shipments. Thin film projection capacitance touch panel, due to the similar manufacturing process and low threshold, manufacturers on both sides of the Taiwan Strait are moving in this direction

Stevejobs' insistence has driven the development of glass projection capacitive touch panel. However, the glass projection capacitance touch panel has a high technical threshold for fitting this part. At present, the former is dominated by a glass reinforced resin factory and a Taiwan funded land plant; Pure land funded factories still mainly provide sensors

overview of the touch panel Market

launched from the iPhone, leading all intelligent models to have built-in touch functions. MediaTek built the touch functions in the fundamental frequency chips of silicon nitride fine ceramics, greatly increasing the proportion of built-in touch functions in the mainland. In 2010, the mainland government encouraged Shanzhai branding. It is expected that in 2012, 100% of high-level intelligence will have built-in multi touch projection capacitive touch panels, and MediaTek will also have the opportunity to build capacitive touch ICs into baseband chips; The market share of Taiwan power plant has rebounded due to the provision of projection capacitive touch panel, which will be fully dominated in 2011

as for the resistive touch screen panel, it is facing low price competition. From the price of 2.2~2.4 inches per piece in 2008 to 0.6 dollars in 2010, the price of the local factory in mainland China? Tao t conquers this market and dominates everything

Yanghua, interface and Shiwei, the three major panel manufacturers in Taiwan, still pay more attention to more than 90% of the shipments at present. Due to the lack of yellow light machine, it will turn to hybrid projection capacitor touch panel and expand new production capacity in the future. However, the mainland industry is unable to grasp the semi-finished products of the front section of the glass projection capacitive touch panel, so there is little market opportunity in this part. The shipment volume of touch panels by cross-strait operators will reach 630million in 2011

TFTLCD plants with yellow light machines, especially if the embedded touch panel technology without external plug-in is successfully developed, their own production has the advantages of production efficiency and expansion of existing panel customer relations, but the fitting yield is still a challenge.??? In 2012, it broke through the barrier of production yield of embedded touch panel and mass produced

tablet touch panel Market Overview

the key to the success of tablet products lies in how to choose a platform that challenges iPad (such as Android, WebOS, Microsoft WP7, MeeGo), whether it supports multi touch, and how to attract third-party operators to write enough software. Analyst Yang believes that the non iPad market will reach 26.91 million units in 2011, and the two sides have the advantages of open supply chain, pioneer and mass production of economies of scale in tablet touch panels

it is expected that tablet touch panels below 12.1 inches will be fully projected and capacitive; However, the progress of using projection capacitor panel in the mainland Shanzhai tablet is too fast. By the end of 2011, businesses on both sides of the Taiwan Straits had shipped nearly 30million iPad touch panels, 16.08 million brand phones, 1.787 million fake phones, and 9.045 million international phones, achieving a situation in which the total non iPad shipments were equal to the iPad shipments

aio touch panel Market Overview

due to the slow recovery of the markets in Europe, the United States and Japan, the industry has slowed down its planning for AIO computers to import touch panels. Due to the limitations of optical touch panel facing touch ghost and only two-point touch, before the yield of large-size projection capacitive touch panel is improved, the chance of IMAC using touch panel in the first half of 2011 is very small, and AIO cannot bring impetus to the growth of touch panel

According to the summary of p> analyst Yang from Axion consulting company, the key to the popularization of projection capacitive touch panels in China lies in the production capacity and yield. What is more important for the counterfeit machines in mainland China? {MediaTek's progress in integrating the projection capacitive touch function into its baseband chips; there is little problem in the transfer of tablet computers. As for the AIO computer, only the manufacturers producing 20 inch projection capacitive touch panels have a high cost of automatic shutdown and insufficient capacity. It is expected that before the end of the second quarter of 2011, Taiwan manufacturers, including major international manufacturers, will only ship 920000 to 930000 pieces of AIO touch panels

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