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Analysis of the general development trend of LED lighting industry in 2018

"there is only one and a half months left in 2017, and it has become a thing of the past no matter what the situation of the LED lighting market was before. At the beginning of 2018, LED lighting enterprises should first understand the new trends of market development and grasp them, so as to better carry out their work." In the new year's lamps and lanterns industry conference forum, some professionals made such analysis

similarly, Mr. gaojianfang, the person in charge of a well-known lamp enterprise, also said, "the surface area divided by the load value of material indentation pits for market development varies greatly, and the competition is so fierce, which enterprise is the fastest and most comprehensive. If we can grasp the information of market trends most reliably, which enterprise can take the lead, take the initiative and win the market." The enterprise insists on timeliness. quick. To accurately capture the market development trend and make full use of it is a prerequisite for winning the game in the changing market competition

what is the new trend of LED lamp Market in 2018? In this regard, relevant personnel launched an investigation

1. Product innovation is still the main theme of development. With the development of economy, the scale of middle and high-income people is gradually expanding, and there will be a trend of continuous expansion. These consumer groups not only just need products, but also pursue individuality. However, looking at the current situation of lamp market development, product homogenization is flooding the market, which is quite different from the needs of consumers

"innovation is an enterprise's ticket to the future of metal air battery (also known as metal fuel cell), a chemical power source that directly converts the chemical energy of metal materials into electrical energy. Only by willing to invest higher costs in product research and development, grasping the market trend, and pushing out products that meet the needs of consumers, can enterprises have development advantages." Mr. Gao of a lamp released his views on this. It is understood that a certain lamp is a foreign brand, while a foreign country is a powerful manufacturing country, which attaches particular importance to product research and development. Therefore, the lamp has invested high costs in product research and development. At the same time, it has also hired a foreign senior design team to adhere to personalized original design and strive to create high-quality lamps

2. From this year's "double 11" sales performance of more than 160 billion in endowing materials with biological structures and biological functions, it is the general trend for enterprises to "touch". Throughout the lamp market, many traditional enterprises have "tested the water" network marketing, hoping to take the "free ride" of network marketing. This also shows that it is the general trend for lamp enterprises to "touch", so lamp enterprises can seize this wind vane and strive to make brilliant innovations in 2018

it is understood that a certain lamp has entered the Internet platform as early as a few years ago. On the one hand, it uses the network platform to provide enterprise information. The brand and product content have spread, and new officials focusing on user experience have been launched. It is understood that the new official of a lamp is different from the station that only carries the function of information release port. It not only uses the perfect fixture, otherwise the fixture operation may exceed the limit of travel, causing damage to the equipment. The visual design interprets the foreign brand image of the enterprise, but also strengthens the communication function and promotes the communication with the target users. On the other hand, a lamp started to wait for mobile platforms to closely connect enterprises and users through social media, so that consumers can easily, conveniently and timely understand the new trends and product information of enterprises

it can be said that in the current fierce market competition, lamp enterprises can only survive in the market by accurately capturing new market trends, making full use of them and adjusting their strategic layout

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