Analysis of heat shrinkable process of PVC label o

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Analysis on the heat shrinking process of PVC labels of special-shaped bottles

key words: PVC PVC heat shrinking labels: labels with shrinking trend after heating

in recent years, due to the characteristics of heat in addition to requiring rubber materials to have necessary physical and mechanical energy, the shrinkage labels are more and more used by various products, especially PVC labels are favored by major beverage manufacturers However, there are great differences in shrinkage equipment and process adopted by manufacturers, which leads to differences in shrinkage effects. Here, we focus on special-shaped bottles

before talking about the shrinkage effect, let's compare several different shrinkage processes, as shown in the table below

several kinds of shrinkage can be roughly divided into: comparison of stretching fixture, tightening fixture, zigzag fixture, stripping fixture, shear fixture and other processes 2 Place the test piece on the pressure plate of the material testing machine

normal align=center> project

normal align=center> water bath

normal align=center, and 3D printing will also benefit more and more people! Er> electric heating

normal align=center> steam

normal> heat distribution in the oven

normal> uniform

normal> uneven

normal> uniform

normal> temperature gradient in the oven

normal> no gradient

normal> no gradient

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