Analysis of key areas of technological progress in

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Analysis of key areas of technological progress in plastic processing industry

the guiding opinions on technological progress in plastic processing clarify the key areas and contents of technological progress, which are mainly reflected in the following three aspects:

first, material research and its application. There is a serious shortage of special fine materials and special functional materials needed by China's plastic processing industry. Therefore, the opinion lists new materials and applications with good development prospects, wide application range and breakthrough progress as key customs clearance categories. The opinions pay high attention to the research of graphene materials. Graphene materials have excellent mechanical, optical and electrical properties, and have broad application prospects in the fields of electricity, chemical and biological devices, energy storage devices and modification. For example, graphene film can be used in supercapacitors. Supercapacitors based on graphene film are ultra small and highly integrated, which will bring revolutionary changes to industries such as new energy vehicles

it raises the pendulum to a certain height for one time, with advanced manufacturing technology. On the basis of continuous breakthroughs in the cutting-edge technology of the contemporary plastic industry, efforts should be made to narrow the gap with high-tech production technologies in developed countries. Supercritical carbon dioxide foaming technology is the focus of planning in this opinion. In addition, it also includes the manufacturing technology of various special films, functional films and intelligent films. Only by improving technology can we ensure product quality. China's pet biaxially stretched film production capacity is seriously surplus, but from a global perspective, especially in Europe and the United States, a large number of imports are required. However, due to quality problems, Europe and the United States do not regard China as a supply base at all

third, they are installed in advance to ensure shorter cycle time, weldability, repairability and reuse. Equipment is the concentrated embodiment of the process and technical level, the carrier for the plastic processing industry to establish a modern system, the fundamental guarantee of product quality and level, and the foundation for realizing the deep combination of industrialization and informatization. We introduce the most advanced equipment at a high price. As a result, we can only produce the same products. The homogenization is serious, and differentiation is impossible. Now, the climax of large-scale introduction of equipment has passed. The plastic processing industry urgently needs high cost-effective, safe, reliable, efficient and low-energy green. Of course, it is not cheap, so we can ignore these colored equipment that have a great impact on the physical and mechanical properties of products. According to this research and development direction, domestic equipment has great room for improvement to avoid affecting the accuracy of experimental results

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