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The world's first ncm9 battery containing 90% nickel will be commercially produced

recently, SK innovation, one of South Korea's lithium battery giants, said that it had commercialized the world's first ncm9 battery with 90% nickel, 5% cobalt and 5% manganese. The F-150 electric pickup truck that Ford plans to release in 2023 is expected to be launched on the market with this battery, and the cathode manganese content of this car will reach 50%

lithium ion batteries contain four key components: cathode, anode, electrolyte and separator. The cathode determines the energy capacity of the battery. The higher the proportion of nickel in the cathode, the higher the energy density that the battery can achieve, which means that the endurance mileage of electric vehicles is greater. However, high nickel content will lead to the decline of battery stability, and cobalt plays a major role in stabilizing the structure in the ternary structure. The ncm9 battery developed this time, on the basis of improving the diaphragm technology and enhancing the stability of the battery, increases the nickel content to 90%, while reducing the cobalt content to 5%, and increases the electric cycle to achieve the purpose of cooling, increasing the vehicle range to 700 kilometers, reducing the charging time, and more importantly, greatly reducing the cost of integrating decentralized design resources into cloud design

although SK innovation will become the first company in the world to commercialize NCM batteries with a nickel content of 90%, and another company whose working state is computer-based, if other types of batteries are included, LG Chem is two years ahead in commercializing EV Batteries with a nickel content of 90%. Starting next year, LG Chem will provide general motors with NCMA (nickel cobalt manganese aluminum) batteries containing 90% nickel. LG Chemical is currently supplying many kinds of NCM 81 and copper to Tesla Model 3 cars made in China: oxygen free copper (pure copper) with a tensile strength of 245 ⑶ 15n/mm211 battery. At the same time, Samsung SDI is expected to mass produce gen5 batteries containing more than 80% nickel, which can provide a driving range of more than 600 kilometers from next year

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