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Analysis of investment opportunities in 3D glass industry

the upsurge of 3D glass concept is strong, and the corresponding concept stocks should rise sharply. So what is 3D glass? First, let's learn about 3D glass from the comparison. Traditional 2D glass is flat. No matter which point on the glass is selected, it should be on the same plane as other points on the glass. 2。 5D screen refers to the arc of screen protection glass. 2。 5D glass has a flat area in the center of the glass, and then the edge is radianed on the basis of the flat glass. 3D glass refers to a screen with radians on the entire surface. The approximate unit prices of the three panels are 10 yuan, 20 yuan and 100 yuan respectively

the curved surface features of 3D glass meet the design requirements of 3C products. 3C product design, such as wearable smart products and dashboards such as smart, tablet computers and smart watches, has also achieved "parallel" and even "leading" with the international advanced level, and 3D modeling products have emerged one after another, which has clearly guided the development direction of 3D curved glass. The advantages are light and thin, transparent and clean, anti fingerprint, anti glare, hard, scratch resistant, good weather resistance, etc. it can be molded to make a 3D multi shape appearance with special product design, novelty and good texture. It can also increase the arc edge touch function, bring excellent touch feel, and improve a better grip experience. At present, the widespread metal appearance in the market will affect the placement of wireless charging functions, and can also realize the process requirements of fuselage integration, simplifying the manufacturing steps of products

3d glass due to the complex process technology, the current processing yield is less than 50%, but the demand rate of related products is increasing, the product technology continues to improve, and the yield will also increase. The decline of production costs and the expansion of market scale will bring explosive growth to this industry

at present, neither Samsung nor apple has released foldable products. At the earlier tech world conference, Lenovo showed two bendable/foldable (1) regularly check whether the connecting wire of the rear panel of the controller is in good contact/flat-panel devices, named cplus and folio respectively. They can be bent from the screen, motherboard to battery, making it easier to carry and use

apple, which has always positioned its product market with high-end brands, has not changed its appearance for many years since iphone6, and its intelligence has become increasingly convergent, which makes it difficult to stimulate consumers' desire to buy, resulting in poor sales. It is reported that Apple's new products will use 3D glass, which may bring new vitality to apple and create a very good development opportunity for the 3D glass industry

since the lead time for the expansion of 3D glass production is 18 months and the lead time for the expansion of OLED production is 24 months, the valuation of OLED related targets has been very high in the short term, while the current shipment rate of 3D glass cover plate supporting OLED is less than 5%. By the time of industrial explosion, it is expected that there will be 30% under the background of significant changes in market demand structure and macro-economic environment, and the market space is large

3d curved glass not only has a huge market in medium and high-end intelligence, but also can be used in wearable devices such as head mounted VR devices, vehicle central control and portable instrument panels and smart bracelets

3d glass targets are:

Star Technology: the company's 3D cover glass technology is in a leading position in the domestic industry. The company has sufficient technical reserves in 3D cover molding, surface printing, surface fitting and other processes. The improvement of industry penetration will bring new growth points to enterprises. And the company has got rid of a single profitable production line. In 2015, it acquired Shenzhen Lianmao and expanded its business to the field of precision structural parts. At present, the company's main customers include Huawei, ZTE, Lenovo, Coolpad, Xiaomi, Amazon, Bubugao, HTC, ASUS, Meizu and other domestic and foreign first-line brands. At the same time, it has a good foundation of cooperation with Microsoft, Sony and other companies for many years

Lansi Technology: at present, the company and Bourne optics occupy more than 95% of the market share of 3D curved glass, and the company's 3D glass shipments in March this year have leapt to the top, and the process is in the leading position in the industry. Because the company's partners have considerable advantages in market share, and the product yield is far greater than that of the industry, the company's performance is likely to explode in the future. The company estimates that the EPS to the industrial explosion period is 5. 06, more than twice that of 15 years

3d glass industry is at risk of insufficient process improvement, failure to improve the yield, high costs, and market demand that is not as expected

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