Analysis of inspection problems of the most flamma

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Analysis of cylinder inspection problems

at present, the current situation of periodic inspection of gas cylinders in China is not optimistic, there are many problems, and it is difficult to solve them. This paper intends to make some tentative analysis and research, and put forward suggestions and measures for improvement

1 problems in the regular inspection of gas cylinders

1.1 in the regular inspection and evaluation of gas cylinders (hereinafter referred to as regular inspection), the regular inspection authority of gas cylinders does not strictly implement the national administrative regulations and relevant standards

1.1.1 cylinders manufactured or modified by units without manufacturing qualification shall be regularly inspected and evaluated as qualified

1.1.2 regular inspection report shall be issued for cylinders not submitted for inspection

1.2 the regular inspection authority of gas cylinders did not perform the duties of waste judgment and destruction

1.2.1 the gas cylinders that have been determined to be scrapped are not destroyed and returned to the users intact, so that the scrapped gas cylinders continue to circulate in the market

1.2.2 the cylinder that should be judged as scrapped will not be scrapped, but will still be judged as qualified

1.3 the inspectors of the regular inspection institution of gas cylinders do not strictly control the quality of regular inspection of gas cylinders

1.3.1 all kinds of gas cylinders have problems such as incomplete inspection items, inconsistent inspection methods, chaotic inspection procedures after the screws are completely cleared

1.3.2 after regular inspection, the gas cylinder shall not be painted with paint color mark, inspection color code or the color and shape of the color code are wrong

1.3.3 the contents of the cylinder inspection report are incomplete, the procedures are incomplete, and the responsibilities are not clear

2 analysis of regular inspection problems of gas cylinders

on the surface, there are problems in regular inspection of gas cylinders, which are only the phenomenon of inaction of regular inspection institutions and inspectors of gas cylinders. However, from a deeper level of exploration and analysis, we can find that there are many influencing factors, mainly in the following aspects

2.1 the regular inspection institutions of gas cylinders lack the incentive mechanism for long-term operation, especially the inspection institutions set up in the gas cylinder filling units. Most of them have the phenomenon of "being able to hear the sound of the operation of the electromechanical servo system in a quiet environment". According to the regular inspection ability of the regular inspection organization, it could not only be qualified for the regular inspection of its own cylinder, but also provide regular inspection services for other units. However, most of the regular inspection institutions with a stable chemical structure cannot make ends meet, and they lack the market-oriented conditions for inspection fees, so the direct economic benefits of inspection cannot be reflected and their normal operation cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, the regular inspection organization is often only used to deal with the supervision and inspection of the superior quality inspection department, and cannot play the actual role of regular inspection at all

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