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The government of Vietnam Nam has applied for a credit from the International Development Association (IDA) to finance the cost of the Ho Chi Minh City Environmental Sanitation Project - nhieu LOC thi Nghe (NL TN) base, and it intends to apply part of the proceeds of this credit to eligible payments on contracts for which this invitation for prequalification is issued.

the Ho Chi Minh City Department of transport and public works (dptw) through its project management unit (PMU), here referred to as the "employee? intends to prequalify contractors and/or firms for the contract packages listed below.

Contract No. 1 Interceptor, CSOs and Outfall, comprising: Fabrication and installation of approximately 8.4 km of reinforced concrete interceptor pipe of an inside diameter of 3,000 mm, along the length of the NL-TN canal. Due to site constraints, depth of installation, soil conditions and changing horizontal alignment, pipe shall be installed by the pipe jacking construction method.

Caisson construction of approximately 35 pipe jacking and receiving pits with inside diameter between meters and ranging in depth from meters.

Construction of permanent manholes within the jacking/receiving pits.

Construction of approximately 50 CSOs 4 to 6 meters in depth with plan dimensions varying from 2 to 4 meters wide by 4 to 6 meters long.

Construction of two draw off structures and associated mechanical and electrical works to drain water from the NL-TN canal for flushing of the main interceptor and improvement of water quality in the canal.

Construction of an 800 meter long reinforced concrete pipe river crossing force main of 3000 mm inside diameter from the discharge of the pumping station (provided under Contract No. 2) to the Saigon River. Due to the depth of installation, soil conditions, navigational requirements, and changing horizontal alignment, pipe shall be installed by pipe jacking construction method.

Construction of associated shafts for pipeline river crossing to depths of 40 meters including installation of approximately 60 meters of 3,000 mm inside diameter steel pipe within the shafts.

Construction of 75 meter long 3,000-mm inside diameter HDPE outfall pipe with diffuser.

Construction of reinforced concrete drainage/sewer pipes ranging in size from ,500 mm diameter over a total length of approximately 10,000 meters and associated manholes along the length of the NL-TN canal.

contract No. 2 pumping station, comparing:

construction of a 64000 m3/hr sewage pumping station of approximate dimensions 30 meters wide by 50 meters long by 20 meters deep, using diaphragm (gully) wall "op down"

construction techniques.

Supply and installation of associated pumping station mechanical and electrical works including 6 mechanically cleaned bar screens and 12 constant speed submersible non-clog type pumps (10 duty-2 standby) each capable of pumping 6,400 m3/hour with a total design head of approximately 20 meters. Construction of ancillary pumping station buildings, site work, landscaping and supply and installation of associated mechanical and electrical works.

Applications may be made for prequalification for eitherorboth of these contracts. It is expected that invitations to bid will be made in July 2001 for both contracts 1 and 2.

prequalification will be conducted through prequalification procedures specified in the world bank guidelines: procurement under IBRD loans and IDA credits, January 1999, and is open to all bidders from eligible source countries, as defined in the guidelines

A minimum requirement for qualification is to have successfully carried out over the last six years, projects of a similar scope, value and complexity.

A specific requirement for Contract No. 1 is that the applicant shall have demonstrated experience in jacking large diameter (minimum 2,000 mm diameter) reinforced concrete pipe over a total length of at least 6,500 meters in similar type groundwater and soil conditions. Demonstrated experience shall be defined as evidence of design and construction of associated jacking and receiving pits and specific pipe jacking construction experience by the staff of the applicant in densely urban areas with push lengths up to 350 meters. Applicants shall also have demonstrated experience in caisson sinking to depths of 25 meters. Projects used to support the experience requirement for Contract No. 1 shall have been completed and in-service for at least 12 months.

a specific requirement for Contract No. 2 is that the application shall have demonstrated experience in construction of wastewater pump stations of a similar size to this project as well as demonstrated experience in gully wall "op down"? construction of complex structures in similar type groundwater and soil type conditions to depths of at least meters.

Projects used to support the experience requirement for Contract No. 2 shall have been completed and in-service for at least 12 months.

minimum annual turnover qualifications are as follows:

contract No. 1 only: US 28 million equal

contract No. 2 only: US 22 million equal

both contracts 1 and 2: us 50 million equal the above are indicative requirements ents and not include of the complete qualification criteria that are contained in the qualification documents

interested eligible bidders may observe further information from and inspect the qualification documents at the employee's offices (address below) from 0900 to 1600 hours, Monday through Friday except public holidays

A complete set of prequalification documents in English may be purchased by interested bidders upon submission of a written application to the address below and upon payment of a non-refundable fee of US 300orequivalent in dong. The method of payment shall be checked by cashier draft payable to the Department of transport and public works The document may either be obtained at the employee's office in personorwill be sent by air for overseas delivery and surface mailorcourier for local delivery The employer will promptly dispatch documents by registered9. Mail, but under no circulations will be held responsible for late deliveryorloss of documents

applications for qualification shall be submitted in sealed envelopes with the applied toner name and address clearly shown and delivered to the address below before 1600 hours on 16 July 2001

applications shall be clearly marked: requalification

application for: Ho Chi Minh City environmental sanitation project? NL-TN Basin. Contract 1 - inter regards page mobilization on the web as a digraph ceptor, CSOs and outfall; and/or Contract 2 ? Pumping Station.?

Applicants will be advised in due course of the results oftheir applications. Only contractors and joint ventures pre-qualified under this procedure will be invited to bid.


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