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The biological products factory of MetS group selects ABB ability collaborative operation center

leading biological products and bioenergy Mets fiber, a component of MetS group, has signed an agreement with abb to connect the abb electrical system installed in nekoski biological products factory to the product portfolio of ABB ability collaborative operation solution. Solutions include remote monitoring of electrical systems using cloud services and 24/7 remote access to abb experts. Its goal is to improve the performance and reliability of the electrical system to a new level

in 2016, abb provided a comprehensive electrification solution for MetS group biological products factory located in nekoski, Central Finland, including the whole power distribution system and process electrification of the factory. Now, Mets fibre and ABB have signed an agreement to connect a large number of equipment to abb ability collaborative operation center. Through it, Mets fibre and ABB experts can remotely monitor the functionality and availability of electrical equipment and systems, and provide real-time collaboration to achieve the highest possible availability and performance

it allows us to quickly understand the status of all ABB electrical equipment connected to the system. We can see the load level borne by the frequency converter, monitor their status and actively respond to the deviation. Ossi purom Ki of Botnia mill service, who is responsible for the equipment life cycle contract of the biochemical products factory, said

abb's collaboration is a true IOT application and part of ABB's ability product portfolio. ABB's ability product portfolio uses industry-leading digital solutions. Collaborative operation provides performance management, remote monitoring and preventive analysis technology to ensure the safety of various industries and improve efficiency and productivity. ABB's collaborative operation center connects the production facilities and headquarters personnel throughout the enterprise with ABB's technology and expertise

the power distribution system of the factory includes 650 frequency converters. At the same time, a large number of special equipment alarms are used to realize condition monitoring. Because ABB ability submits its data to the cloud, abb experts can provide immediate support when solving problems. In addition, analyzing the data collected by the electrical system and equipment to understand its predictive value can also improve the long-term reliability

monitoring can help us provide maintenance for the correct equipment at the appropriate time, rather than simply maintaining all equipment that often encounter floating fiber problems when abs+gf materials are used as appearance parts at predetermined intervals. This can optimize the cost and quality of maintenance at the same time, purom ki said

the most important performance indicator of our factory is its availability. Our goal is to maintain the annual availability rate above 98%. Maintenance while slowing down the speed of the manipulator) and fast path spraying play a key role in ensuring this high level of performance, said Timo merikallio, project director of the biological products factory project. At the same time, we simply cannot have all the professional knowledge in the factory. Therefore, maintenance based on cooperation with trusted partners is very critical to us. Merikallio continued

abb has carried out remote monitoring on the frequency converter and power distribution system of paper mills for many years. The application of this information in ABB ability collaborative operation environment makes it have a new significance. It can prove that we use big data to provide real benefits for customers and meet the packaging position of various products in the market. It enables us to transform data into insight and timely actions, and greatly improve customer operations in terms of availability, performance and quality. Jim Fisher, group manager of pulp and paper global products, said

mets fibre site is mainly monitored by ABB ability collaborative operation center in Helsinki. ABB opened the center in October this year. Together with the existing center in Westville, Ohio, and the planned center in Singapore, which is expected to open next year, it provides support to customers in the pulp and paper industry around the world

abb (abbn:six Swiss Ex) is a leading technology leader in electrification products, robotics, bending, compression and motion, industrial automation and electricity, serving global utilities, industry, transportation and infrastructure customers. ABB has more than 125 years of continuous innovation history, and is now writing the future of industrial digitalization and promoting energy and the fourth industrial revolution. ABB operates in more than 100 countries with approximately 136000 employees

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