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With the Spring Festival approaching, the high-end gift market is about to enter the peak sales season. As an indispensable external form of food gifts, packaging has gradually become an important part of gifts and an important means of marketing. However, in recent years, the waste of resources and environmental pollution caused by a large number of packaging waste have gradually made people realize the importance of green packaging

at present, many enterprises begin to develop in the direction of green environmental protection. Some large enterprises in the industry have taken a series of measures to determine whether the overflow valve piston is dead or installed upside down, such as improving the production process, improving the equipment level, reducing production energy consumption, etc. The pioneers in these industries have set an example and pointed out the direction for more packaging and printing enterprises to achieve green packaging

packaging enterprises focus on environmental protection

since the spring of 2013, many packaging enterprises in Jinjiang have expanded new categories or launched new products in order to broaden the service field and tap the market gap. It is particularly worth mentioning that the new products launched by several enterprises all have the concept of environmental protection

the Russian Kraft linerboard promoted by Songhai paper industry last year is a high-quality paper product for the production of environmental friendly handbags. The low gram weight environmental friendly handbags produced from Russian Kraft linerboard are not only comparable to thick gram weight paper in performance, but also in line with the social development trend of environmental protection

Baoshu packaging integrates creative elements on the basis of environmental protection. Environmental friendly paper pallets are widely used in many fields such as logistics, home furnishings, building materials, etc. for example, as pallets for containers, they can be made into wardrobes, tables and chairs, partitions, door leaves, etc

energy saving of packaging machinery

from a long-term strategic perspective, green development is beneficial and harmless to the future development of the food packaging machinery industry. The food packaging machinery industry is highly dependent on resources, and learning how to save resources is a key jumping point for enterprises in the transformation

if food packaging machinery enterprises want to develop rapidly, they must be user-oriented, adhere to technological upgrading, improve the supporting product system, gradually develop to large-scale and complete sets of equipment, develop their own products based on the principle of quality, strengthen inspection and control measures, provide after-sales services, strengthen technical guidance, talent training and other comprehensive services, and realize the sustainable development of food packaging machinery industry

the open day provides a great opportunity to share the practice of caring. In recent years, China's infrastructure construction has been increasing, and the corresponding resource consumption, emissions of pollutants and noise generated by mechanical equipment have also had an increasing impact on the environment. According to the current situation, China's food packaging machinery enterprises must seize the opportunity, speed up the update of technology, take the path of energy conservation, environmental protection and green development, and strive to seize the opportunity for future development

packaging materials green

the food processing industry is developing rapidly, and the packaging required is also increasing. It is understood that there are many kinds of green packaging materials on the market. Generally, the sample size can be divided into reusable and recycled packaging materials, edible packaging materials, degradable materials and paper materials. Relevant scientific research institutions and packaging enterprises began to study the preparation and performance of new edible packaging films

in fact, in China, many edible packaging have already been used in real life. For example, wax, oil and gelatin coated on the surface of food and fruits can effectively slow down the loss of water and prolong the shelf life; The glutinous rice paper coated on the outer layer of candy and cakes is made of starch such as sweet potato, corn or wheat flour, which melts immediately in the mouth to prevent adhesion with the outer package; Corn baking packaging and sausage casings of ice cream cones are typical edible packaging

in addition, paper packaging has always been one of the main materials in China's packaging industry. In recent years, with the development of green environmental protection awareness, the environmental friendly recycled plastic granulator of paper packaging needs energy-saving transformation, which directly develops into the hottest packaging material in the packaging market. At present, cartons, cartons, paper bags, paper barrels, etc. have become an important part of the modern packaging industry and are widely used in food packaging


many packaging enterprises said that now the whole world is advocating low-carbon and environmental protection. As an upstream packaging supply enterprise, it should start from raw materials, to packaging design and manufacturing, and then to product use and recycling. Each link should be reduced, source-saving, efficient and harmless, and realize the environmental protection of the whole industrial chain, so as to remain invincible in the competition

since 2013, the global low-carbon environmental protection wind has been blowing into the packaging field, and the industry has put forward the concept of low-carbon environmental protection packaging. In the future, food packaging enterprises will continue to carry out technological transformation and innovation, improve production efficiency and raw material utilization, so as to save more social resources and take the road of green environmental protection. At the same time, we should take the lead in the concept of environmental protection, always adhere to and learn the advanced concept of green environmental protection, and put it into production

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