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Ready to go, Abbott will show 2020 Asian electronic production equipment and microelectronics industry exhibition

ready to go, Abbott will show 2020 Asian electronic production equipment and microelectronics industry exhibition

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summer in August, the event will bloom. Driven by the new engines of 5g communication technology, new infrastructure, industrial interconnection and other industries, the domestic electronic manufacturing industry has also ushered in the dawn of recovery after the epidemic and moved forward against the trend

in order to display emerging products, technologies and related equipment in the electronic industry, build an excellent platform for high-quality and professional exchanges and cooperation for colleagues in the industry, and create development opportunities, the 26th Asian electronic production equipment and microelectronics industry exhibition 2020 will be held grandly in hall 1 of Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center from August 26 to August 28

this exhibition brings together the world's top equipment manufacturers in the electronic industry. It is the largest Nepcon exhibition in the past, and it is also a high-profile exchange and cooperation event in the global electronic industry this year. The exhibition area is expected to be 60000 square meters

everything can be expected and live up to expectations. Shenzhen Ebert Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Ebert"), which has focused on the external motor "soldering process application" for 15 years, will also bring a variety of heavy products to the exhibition, build quality with ingenuity, cast the future with quality, bring exhibitors cutting-edge laser soldering application solutions in the electronic industry, and continue to provide technical services and support for more domestic electronic manufacturing enterprises, Welcome to visit, witness the development and contribute to the future

as a pioneer in the laser soldering industry, Abbott has always been guided by market demand and experience, planned the future market in advance, continued to increase R & D investment in laser soldering machines, ensured the efficiency of product updates and iterations, provided value-added services for industry customers with its cutting-edge technical products and customized solutions, and continued to make contributions to resource conservation through green intelligent manufacturing. Up to now, Abbott has launched a series of products of laser soldering machine, slag tin separator and SMT peripheral equipment, which brings a highly innovative and innovative automatic, refined and efficient processing method for laser soldering, creates an integrated service of laser soldering, and helps the industrial upgrading

taking this opportunity, Abbott will show off the full-automatic CCM module laser soldering production line and precision laser solder ball spray soldering machine. These two products have achieved good performance in the microelectronics industry, military electronic manufacturing, high-precision electronics and other fields. At the exhibition site, Abbott will be equipped with a professional technical team, so that exhibitors can better understand and evaluate the dynamic characteristics of machine tools and test the latest technologies and products of Abbott

among them, the full-automatic CCM module laser soldering production line can integrate the functions of film tearing and loading swing, and the operator can clearly inspect the experimental process, laser soldering, AOI appearance inspection, sorting and unloading. The whole line is modular, flexible, versatile, and elastic to meet the needs of the module industry to quickly switch models and future changeable products. At present, it has been brilliant in the processing and application of laser materials

the precision laser tin ball spray soldering machine adopts the latest cutting-edge technology in the industry. In addition to the above-mentioned manufacturers, it is manufactured in strict accordance with international process standards. It integrates the advantages of high welding precision, wide selection range, excellent welding effect and high welding yield. It is one of the important aspects of the application of laser material processing technology, especially suitable for the demand of extremely high precision soldering

exchanges and cooperation will inevitably lead to more new possibilities. At that time, leading-edge enterprises, product developers and electronic makers in the electronic industry will not only be able to understand the advanced product delivery capabilities of electronic manufacturing service providers, but also have the opportunity to see the charm brought by various emerging electronic products and advanced technologies, so as to further optimize their own technology, expand R & D strength, expand product lines, and finally obtain market competitive advantages

2020 Asian electronic production equipment and microelectronics industry exhibition is about to set sail. Abbott will fully perform the "black technology" of laser material processing in the electronic industry, and strive to open the key to the intellectualization of high-precision welding in the manufacturing industry. Smart technology will ride the wind and waves

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