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Environmental signs create a borderless green world

n with overcurrent, overvoltage, overload and other protection devices bsp; One year's plan lies in spring. After eight years of development, China's environmental signs launched type II and III environmental signs that are fully in line with international standards in 2002. At the beginning of spring 2003, China will further develop type I, II and III environmental signs in an all-round way, so that environmental sign products can penetrate into every part of people's lives and create a borderless green world

first of all, the introduction of type II and type III environmental signs breaks the limitation that the original type I environmental signs can only be certified according to the standard, and the system will not automatically enter the overload protection. As type I environmental signs are required, there must be a complete environmental protection system, and only their own environmental advantages need to be verified and declared. The international standard iso140221 (equivalent to the national standard GB/t24021) also clearly stipulates: "vague and unspecified statements or environmental statements that generally imply that a product is beneficial or harmless to the environment are not allowed. Statements such as' safe for the environment ',' friendly to the environment ',' harmless to the earth ',' pollution free ',' green ',' friends of nature 'and' non destruction of the ozone layer 'are not allowed." This standardizes the market of green products, making consumers inevitably buy and use green products through standardized and verified environmental information trademarks

the joint launch of type I, II and III environmental signs gives enterprises an opportunity to make environmental statements according to their own characteristics, and completely mark out the quality and environmental characteristics of the four stages of product design, production, use and abandonment from different angles, so as to recommend their own environmental advantages to the public. I ball screw has a long service life. The certification and declaration of environmental marks such as + II, II + III, I + III and I + II + III can enable consumers to identify the environmental advantages of products from all angles and choose environmental products that are suitable for their own needs. This not only facilitates consumers' choice, but also promotes the competition of enterprises in a positive and healthy way, so that enterprises not only take green information as a means of packaging and publicity, but also take green information as a means of benign competition, so as to achieve both economic benefits and environmental behavior by constantly pursuing a higher level of environmental advantages

secondly, the comprehensive development of the three environmental signs, I, II and III, is fully in line with international standards, which is conducive to the communication of environmental product information at home and abroad. After joining WTO, China must face the principle of equality inside and outside the world trade organization, which requires that the environmental indicators of China's export products should reach the level of developed countries as soon as possible. The all-round development of environmental labels has also attached an environmental information label that can be widely recognized in the world. When the development of global environmental labels has not reached the mutual recognition of all countries, China's export products can have clear environmental information to foreign importers, so as to break the green technology trade barriers and expand exports

after being in line with international standards, the main consulting units of China's environmental labeling will also widely contact environmental labeling organizations of various countries, so as to integrate China's environmental labeling enterprises with foreign environmental labeling certification and verification, improve the competitiveness of China's enterprises supported by green technology in the world, and expand the path for China's enterprises to go global

in addition, China environmental labeling has carried out extensive consultant training throughout the country, further expanding the scope of environmental labeling consultants, an emerging professional, and reaching all walks of life. The training of consultants is taught by experts and professional certificates are issued, so that the knowledge of environmental management system, environmental protection system, preparation and guarantee of environmental labeling product certification and verification, international environmental labeling certification and other knowledge is transmitted to enterprises and institutions by trained consultants with professional skills and environmental development vision, so as to improve the environmental management and environmental product production level of Chinese enterprises and institutions in a larger range, Thoroughly implement the environmental concept into the corporate culture. At the beginning of March, Beijing zhonghuanjia environmental labeling product technology development center, the only environmental labeling training institution recognized by the national certification and Accreditation Administration, will hold the fourth training course for environmental labeling consultants, and will regularly hold training courses for environmental labeling consultants for a period of time in the future. Through more consultants, the cause of environmental labeling will be carried out more widely and deeply, creating a borderless green world of environmental labeling

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