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"Made in Shandong" sanitation equipment was exported to South Asia for the first time

"made in Shandong" sanitation equipment was exported to South Asia for the first time

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recently, the first batch of 2000 sets of sanitation equipment were sent from Wuzheng group to bakista Karachi city. This is the first time that Shandong sanitation equipment has been exported to South Asia

this batch of sanitation equipment mainly includes garbage compression trucks, garbage dump trucks, garbage hook arm trucks, garbage cans and garbage cans. Pakistan is located in the tropics and adopts right-hand drive. The economy and convenience of the product were considered at the beginning of the design

it is understood that this batch of environmental sanitation equipment products have made a lot of adjustments to the gearbox and clutch of the chassis, making it more reliable. In uphill, downhill and landfill dumping, a high-speed and low-speed setting is also made. When the environment is relatively bad, ropes, wires, and other products can be used to detect the poor effect, the low-speed gear can be used to increase its climbing ability and starting ability. In normal driving, the high-speed gear can be used to increase fuel economy

different from the past, this export is not only environmental sanitation equipment, but also the integrated service system of urban garbage collection, transportation, treatment and so on. It is understood that at the end of December, the second batch of 5000 sets of sanitation equipment will also leave for Pakistan. Since this year, after understanding the steps of microcomputer controlled electronic tensile testing machine, Wuzheng group has 18000 sets of all kinds of automobiles and supporting equipment, which are not applicable to finished products and thin sheets in the exporting countries

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