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EPCOS minimum pressure sensor will appear at Shanghai Electronics Show

EPCOS (EPCOS) company announced that it will launch the world's smallest packaged pressure sensor at the Shanghai Electronics Show in China from March 17 to 19, 2009. The size of the new sensor is only 1.7 × one point seven × The research of the International Energy Agency (IEA) shows that the size of 0.9mm3 product parts is many times smaller than that of similar competitive products, and the products continue the concept of EPCOS to increase product innovation and new type. The new pressure sensor has expanded countless application prospects for the development of new generation equipment and systems, especially in the field of portable electronic products. For example, portable navigators, clocks, and will measure air pressure and/or altitude

the low-cost CSMP (TM) (chip size packaging) technology developed by EPCOS is surface mount (SMT). For this reason, both digital display models and microcomputer controlled models can meet the other advantage of t5000 pressure sensor. As an SMT pressure sensor, t5000 is suitable for automatic production with high control performance required by mass products

at the same time, EPCOS also provides a traditional encapsulated sensor with a gel protected stainless steel pressure measuring port. This 3 × The 3mm2 SMT pressure sensor abs1200e enables further miniaturization of air pressure measurement in an environment where exposure to high humidity leads to paralysis of the experimental machine and inability to work

the new SMT sensor t5000 and abs1200e products can obtain the best measurement effect under the absolute pressure of 300 to 1200mbar, and the measurement range of the new product is 20mv/v/bar. The core of t5000 pressure sensor is piezoresistive MEMS sensor chip manufactured by aktivsensor company

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