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Abb, the hot spot of the robot industry expo, performed commendably

the abb robot body cleaning and internal spray automatic workstation was demonstrated on site, attracting attention

if you want to say what products are in the spotlight at the Shanghai Industrial Expo, there is only one answer: industrial robots

industrial robot exhibition debut

in fact, the industrial robot exhibition area has always been the most eye-catching core area during the China International Industrial Expo. Multinational giants have made a brilliant debut here, because it provides an opportunity to promote brands and a stage to display products

this year, unlike previous years, the 2012 industrial robot exhibition made a strong debut

according to the Industrial Expo, this year's industrial robot exhibition is in the form of exhibition in exhibition, which is arranged in hall W2, covering an area of 10000 square meters

there are many new faces here, such as Shenyang Xinsong robot, Na zhibueryue, and Yaskawa electric, in addition to the familiar old faces such as abb, FANUC, KUKA, stobil, Epson, Guangzhou CNC, Yamaha, etc

it is reported that the Japanese chelemei, German Stuttgart robot, Jiangyin narje robot, Anhui evert intelligent equipment, Nanjing esston robot and other departments made their debut at the ICIF

the organizer said that from the opening on January 6 to the closing on November 10, nearly 100000 people saw the world's famous robot manufacturers

it is worth mentioning that the 2012 industrial robot Summit Forum was also held in Shanghai on November 7. The forum invited leaders of relevant national industrial authorities, experts in the field of advanced manufacturing technology in the 863 national 12th Five Year Plan and heads of famous robot manufacturing enterprises to attend

speaking of the theme of this summit forum, the organizer said that industry insiders should jointly discuss the opportunities and challenges brought by China's industrial strategic transformation to robotics, and share and discuss the latest progress and development trends in the field of industrial robots and intelligent automation. Promote the development of the industrial robot industry, so as to make the recycled plastic raw material particles full and take the initiative to meet the arrival of the third industrial revolution

ABB introduces new products and solutions

at the first industrial robot exhibition of the 2012 Industrial Expo, abb, the world's leading industrial robot enterprise, introduced two new robots and a variety of solutions

among them, irb5350 door opening robot with compact structure and accurate action is the right-hand assistant for automotive interior painting. It is equipped with specially designed door opening fixture and built-in search sensor and force feedback sensor, which can ensure the optimization of operation efficiency

another new irb1520id hollow arm robot is specially designed for the arc welding process, which can realize continuous production and save up to 50% of the maintenance cost

abb will highlight four robot solutions at this Industrial Expo, which can meet the needs of customers in different workplaces and environments

among them, the robot body cleaning and internal spraying automatic workstation is the latest industrial robot solution launched by ABB for the automotive manufacturing industry. It replaces the traditional reciprocating gantry cleaning system, effectively removes dust particles on the body surface before spraying, helps customers achieve efficient and perfect body cleaning and internal spraying, and its fully automated production process can also ensure production continuity and achieve more efficient automated production

three industrial solutions, including the ice cream automatic packing workstation mainly used in the food and beverage industry, the mouse assembly workstation used in the 3C industry, and the robot spot welding workstation used in the spot welding process of auto parts, also attracted the attention of many visitors

gu Chunyuan, head of ABB discrete automation and control North Asia and China, said that abb set up the group's first robot quality center in Shanghai this year. After completing the robot system test, it will carry out precise inspection of the specific details of the overall assembly of the robot, as small as the screws of each robot joint, and escort the production of the robot through rigorous quality control and product audit, Ensure that every robot product delivered to customers is flawless

world famous automobile manufacturers such as Mercedes Benz and BMW have widely used our products made in Shanghai. Gu Chunyuan is very proud of his brand

parts change destructive experiments and other markets are attractive. Gold miners sharpen their knives

from the exhibition area to an independent exhibition hall covering an area of 10000 square meters. Its background is the huge demand of China's robot market

On November 6, Dr. Gu Chunyuan said that the installed number of multi-purpose robots in China in 2009 was 37312, while in 2011 it had reached 74317. It can be said that it has doubled in two years. At the 2012 industrial robot Summit Forum held on November 7, Zhao Jie, head of the robot technology expert group of the 12th Five year national 863 plan, boldly predicted that the demand for industrial robots in China will reach 32000 units in 2014, and the installed capacity of robots in China will exceed 150000 units at that time

the huge market demand has attracted many well-known brand enterprises to spend several months to dig gold in the Chinese market

On October 12, KUKA company held the foundation laying ceremony of the new factory in Songjiang District, Shanghai. It is reported that the new plant will be put into operation in the second half of next year. The output of the new plant is expected to reach 3000 units in the first year and even more than 5000 units in the second year

5. Optional microcomputer interface at the end of December last year, Yaskawa electric announced that it would set up an industrial robot production subsidiary in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province. The new company plans to start mass production in March 2013, and will achieve an annual production capacity of 6000 units by 2015

the current status of robot manufacturers is that foreign brands dominate. Gu Chunyuan believes that the continuous participation of new enterprises is a very positive impact, because there is demand in the market. He emphasized that ABB's competitive advantage lies in the localization of the whole value chain from manufacturing, R & D, engineering and service

when it comes to the development of the industrial robot industry, Gu Chunyuan said that supply is not a problem, demand is not a problem, and there is a bottleneck in the middle. The bottleneck is that many key components are limited to a few manufacturers

a good message is that the Ministry of industry and information technology is coordinating with the Ministry of finance to consider relevant support policies for the development of three core key components in the field of robotics, including drivers, motors and reducers. This was revealed by Wang Weiming, deputy director of the equipment department of the Ministry of industry and information technology, in Shanghai on November 7

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