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Environmentally friendly recycled paper: encounter the bottleneck of popularization

the mention of recycled paper is not a new word in recent years. All kinds of recycled copy paper, recycled art paper, and even pencils made of recycled paper have gradually become a familiar part of people's life. However, the recycled paper enterprises that have been in China for more than ten years also face many bottleneck problems

low energy consumption and light pollution

it is understood that in March 2000, after the State Environmental Protection Administration issued the technical standards for recycled paper products, the first production enterprise of recycled paper for office culture in China landed in Beijing in the same year. After more than ten years of development, the environmental protection concept of recycled paper also began to slowly integrate into people's lives

Mr. Xia, a person in the recycled paper industry, told private economic news that in fact, recycled paper is divided into many types, including recycled toilet paper, recycled paper, recycled art paper, recycled packaging paper, recycled office culture paper and other types, and different types of recycled paper enterprises have different production standards and business methods

it is understood that the biggest difference between recycled paper and base pulp paper is the source of materials. Generally speaking, the raw materials of recycled paper mainly come from waste paper, which is produced after continuous sorting, purification and other procedures. It can be said that recycled paper is the use of secondary energy

recycled paper uses waste paper as raw material and has the characteristics of low energy consumption. Some experts analyzed that compared with the chemical production of primary paper, recycled paper can save 3 cubic meters of wood, 1.2 tons of coal, 600 degrees of electricity, 100 cubic meters of water and 300 kilograms of chemical raw materials per ton. In fact, 3 cubic meters of wood is equivalent to 17 big trees, which has been developed since the 15th century when global resources are tight. Recycled paper has great development significance

the light pollution characteristic of recycled paper is also a major feature. In the traditional manufacturing process of recycled paper, water pollution has always been one of the key projects investigated by relevant departments, and China is a large country of resource consumption. It is reported that the water pollution caused by the paper industry is about 30%. The traditional paper industry is also facing closure due to pollution problems. Recycled paper can greatly reduce the problem of water pollution in the production process

according to statistics, 100 tons (wood pulp) to 400 tons (straw pulp) of water are required for each ton of pulp production, and these water containing substances such as oil and grease will pollute the water after flowing into the river, which is difficult to deal with. This is why many traditional paper-making enterprises are facing bankruptcy

since recycled paper is reused, many processes can be saved and air pollution can be reduced. Japan, for example, began to use and promote recycled paper and mass produce it in the 1970s. According to statistics, the proportion of recycled paper in the paper market in Japan has reached 70%

the price advantage has not been brought into play

although recycled paper has environmental significance, it is difficult to promote recycled paper in the market, mainly because the price advantage has not been brought into play

generally speaking, since recycled paper eliminates the previous processes, it saves a lot of money, but the product price of recycled paper in the market is not much lower than that of original paper. There are many reasons. One is that the recycling rate of recycled paper in China is not high, and according to some staff who purchase waste paper stations, now recycled paper enterprises will encounter many problems after purchasing waste paper. For example, some purchased waste paper is wet, and some purchased waste paper will be moldy. If recycled paper enterprises want to carry out these purification treatments, it will undoubtedly increase the production cost of recycled paper enterprises

private economic daily contacted many recycled paper enterprises in Guangzhou. Many producers were reluctant to talk about the production and sales of recycled paper, and some manufacturers also said they didn't know much about recycled paper. However, one of the sellers of art recycled paper told the private economic daily that the market for recycled paper is still large. Different types of recycled paper have different market sizes, and businesses have different abilities to tap the market. The industry insiders said that if the sales of recycled paper are operated, at least 500000 funds should be prepared, and if a recycled paper production enterprise is established, at least 2million funds should be prepared

the price advantage of recycled paper has not been brought into play, one of the important reasons is that the scale of recycled paper enterprises is relatively small and the output is not much. Even if a few Pingmei Guoneng processes are omitted, it can be described as an ambitious process. However, due to its small scale, coupled with the need for certain funds for machine equipment, transportation costs in different regions, the price difference between producers and sales and other factors, it is difficult to give full play to the price advantage of recycled paper. Moreover, in the actual classification process, the recycling process of recycled paper requires a certain amount of transportation costs, and at the same time, efforts should be made to classify recycled paper, which also increases the labor cost

Li Youhuan, a researcher at the Guangdong Academy of Social Sciences, pointed out in an interview with private economic news that the production cost of recycled paper is relatively low, but its output and scale are relatively small. The main reason is that the market recognition is not high, and the profit space of production enterprises is not large, so they cannot be stronger and bigger. As a middle-class enterprise operating recycled paper, it is necessary to strengthen social publicity and promotion, improve production technology, reduce production costs and maximize profits

publicity and quality still need to be grasped with both hands

Li Youhuan said that compared with foreign countries, the acceptance of recycled paper by Chinese citizens is still relatively low, which is mainly related to China's social concept, the publicity and education of recycling concept and the quality of the people

in Li Youhuan's view, the development of recycled paper is of great significance. The government and all sectors of society should attach great importance to it, increase publicity and education activities, and improve the concept of recycling

it is understood that in foreign countries, the state will pay more attention to recycled paper and formulate corresponding regulations. For example, Germany once stipulated that 60% of government office paper must be recycled paper, while many citizens in China can customize special experimental methods according to user requirements for their awareness of environmental protection of recycled paper and their emphasis on waste paper purchase; Not high. In addition, the health and safety problems of recycled paper in recycling often make citizens very sensitive

it is learned that in some large food stalls and some food stores, because the price of recycled paper is relatively low, many businesses also like to use this kind of inferior napkin

it is reported that the price of these recycled paper napkins is very cheap, only 1 yuan a roll, but these recycled paper napkins will add toxic additives in the processing process, and they are easy to break when pulled. Sometimes there will be powdery substances falling off, and some will have some ink spots

in addition, recently, several brands of instant noodles and milk tea paper barrels were exposed, and recycled paper was used in the outer layer, and the fluorescent substances in the outer layer were found to exceed the standard. The use safety of recycled paper in the food industry has once again attracted attention

although the recycling of recycled paper is of great significance, there are few relevant standards to define how to make rational use of it. It is estimated that this is also an urgent problem to be solved in the future

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