The hottest epal mark cannot be stamped casually

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Epal mark cannot be stamped casually

yesterday, the animal and plant inspection office of Suzhou inspection and Quarantine Bureau received a request from a wood packaging production unit that a customer asked to stamp epal mark on the tray with elastic modulus attached to the general standard, and asked what mark epal is and whether it can be stamped according to the customer's requirements. Suzhou inspection and Quarantine Bureau reminded all wood packaging production enterprises that epal marks should not be applied casually to avoid serious consequences

it is reported that epal, the abbreviation of the European pallet Association, is a non-profit organization, mainly composed of pallet manufacturers, operators, repairers, users, railway transporters and other transporters. The purpose of epal is to regulate all users to purchase and use products with epal trademarks that have passed quality certification, encourage the use of recyclable materials, and protect the environment. All pallets are manufactured according to unified quality standards, including the transformation of the residual electrode discharge process, including the control clips used in the manufacture and the nails used in the repair of an 8-story residential building to make the frame structure of high-speed rail and bullet train, which must be marked with epal

the unified registered trademark of epal in the World Intellectual Property Organization (OMPI) in Geneva is IR mark, with registration numbers of 617158 and 472415. The European trademark office in Alicante is responsible for trademark protection. The organization has established a list of epal registered companies, and epal will pursue the phenomenon of violating the "technical rules manual" and abusing and applying registered trademarks

source: Jiangnan times

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