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Hefter machinenbau company uses gibbscam multi task processing solution

in the past two years, the machine production and processing of Hefter machinenbau company (machine factory) located in prien am Chiemsee, Germany, has been using Mazak's multi task machine tools and gibbscam programming software. In the past, processing a part required multiple fixtures (or settings) on the milling machine. Now it can be processed at one time, which saves a lot of time

machining more complex parts at a faster speed - this is the development trend of mechanical engineering. This term is called overall machining, which may be carried out on the so-called multi task machine tool (MTM), also known as multi axis machine tool or turning milling compound machining center. Hefter machine factory, the core of Hefter group (see box), is also developing in this direction. Hefter has used Mazak machine tools for lathe processing for many years, so it is also very meaningful to obtain the first multi task processing machine tool from Mazak manufacturers: an integrex 200-iiis composite processing machine, equipped with main shaft, auxiliary main shaft and milling shaft; A bar feeder with a material diameter of 65mm enables the machine to operate in three shifts without manual work

mazak's integrex 200-iiis compound processing machine is equipped with bar feeder, main shaft, auxiliary main shaft and milling cutter shaft. There are 80 kinds of tools in the feeding device

there is no hardware without software. Two years ago, when the decision was made to use this machine tool, the person in charge of manufacturing began to look for a suitable programming system, because it was not a trivial matter to program and ensure the fixed MTM of the equipment with complex kinematics - the integrex 200-iiis compound processing machine has eight axles. Franz Huber, a system administrator of Hefter, explained: "Gibbs cam was recommended to us by others. This software is described as powerful and flexible. From our point of view, a particularly important factor is that there are many reference applications on Mazak machine tools, especially in the American market, which can ensure the customization of post-processing programs. After market research, we come to the conclusion that Gibbs cam is the system software that best meets the programming requirements of multi task machine tools of Hefter company Pieces. "

Gibbscam is a two-dimensional/three-dimensional cad/cam complete software package, which is mainly used in the programming of lathes, drilling/milling machines and wire cutting machines. Milling, a module needs 5 axes to be processed at the same time. MTM module supports all current multi task machine tools. It can program 25 axles, including other devices, such as material and tool processing systems

after programming, use synchronous management to simulate the instruction sequence of each working stage. This picture shows the final procedure of sawing off the workpiece

cad integration, no friction loss

for Hefter, CAD integration is an important factor. The design part of Hefter has been cooperating with Solidworks for 10 years. Due to the close cooperation between Gibbs and several CAD software manufacturers, SolidWorks includes data receiving through the interface; Although an intermediate output may be required, it does not have to be converted to an intermediate format. Users of AutoCAD, solid edge, pro/e, and other software will also benefit from this advantage

breidenstein's cad/cam systeme datentechnik Reitz company is responsible for the implementation of gibbscam in Hefter company. There is no professional support, nor in MTM programming. It is particularly important to draw the design drawing under the system with the help of the machine tool definition data file and the post-processing program regulator (mechanical drawing under the system with the help of the machine tool definition data file and the post-processing regulator). Datentechnik Reitz is responsible for these two aspects of customers. The machine tool definition data file forms the basis of visualization and/or simulation. It contains all the options available for the machine tool, such as axis, kinematics, number of feeding devices, etc

at the same time, Hefter is also amazing in producing parts on Mazak machine tools. In many cases, it only focuses on solid parts. The programmer in charge of MTM in the turning section, Peter Scholz said, "the milled parts can't be produced on the lathe slowly, but they can be produced on Mazak's integrex compound processing machine because of the advantage of time. Previously, the processing of parts required two or three fixtures (or settings) , six side complete machining can be carried out on integrex compound machining machine. There is no time set by the machine. Our current production time is shortened, and it can be completed in only 75% of the original time. " This machine tool has been proved to be an ideal terminator of secondary processing time. Because there are 80 feeding devices available, the machine operator has prepared tools for one or more subsequent machined parts in the processing engineering. The software supports him by setting the design drawing, which is automatically displayed in Excel

the biggest advantage is that machined parts need to be processed by turning, drilling and milling, but they can be completely processed on a fixture (or setting). Some machined parts are pure milling parts. Compared with traditional manufacturing milling machines, it saves time: it only takes 75% of the time to complete

both complex and flexible

if you want to program the machine tool manually instead of using MTM module, it will be a complex and time-consuming project, and there are many uncertainties. Frankly speaking, the problem of multitasking programming is to make the programs of all spindles and tools work in harmony; The goal of multitasking programming is to become a streamlined, time optimized, conflict free program. The synchronous management of gibbscam can ensure the optimal interaction between operating programs. Users can get real-time simulation - what happens when they see the actual synchronization

in addition, Peter Scholz emphasized the so-called "contour milling". "Contour milling can automatically identify the wheel through unfinished data and solid-state data ■ yaw (5) 000j microcomputer controlled electro-hydraulic servo pressure testing machine is mainly used to test the experimental outline and characteristics of mechanical properties of finished highway bridge bearings for processing. Therefore, you only need to obtain it directly. As far as we know, no other system has this function." The technical background is as follows: gibbscam can operate directly on "on the solid"; Programmers are completely liberated from the era of manually adding features. The result has more advantages. If you want to change the 3D model, the cutter path can be formed automatically - or semi automatically if necessary - according to the change of the model. Moreover, in order to maintain the consistency of CAD and CAM data, Reitz datentechnick also wrote a supplementary program for it. The allocation of CAD and cam documents is defined in a table. If a solid file is modified in the design part, a screen prompt will appear the next time the assigned cam document is accessed. The programmer can choose a feasible regulator for the main program. Taking into account the complexity of all machine tools and software, it is appropriate to spend a week learning this solution). After training due to the progress of contemporary materials science and technology, cell biology and molecular biology, the basic workpiece programming can be completed. The rest can 'learn while doing'. " Peter Scholz pointed out

the basic training lasted for a week, and then began programming with gibbscam immediately

there is no doubt that this is the way forward. The next step is five axis synchronous machining; Relevant modules will still be implemented this year. "We already have components that can push a three-axis or four axis feasible interface," Scholz said. The second programming workshop and the second machine tool are part of the plan. Integrex 200 IIIS composite processing machine runs at full load and can run around the clock. It has not been finally decided which machine tool will be used. Lorenz ablinger, head of Hefter group machine company, said, "our programming system can be used on any type of multi task machine tool. We only need the corresponding machine tool definition and applicable post-processing program. Because Reitz datentechnik is responsible for these things, we can concentrate on the characteristics of the machine tool when we make decisions."

5 axis synchronous machining programming, gibbscam users can enter the option module

from left to right are Franz Huber, the system administrator, Peter Scholz, the turning programmer, and Lorenz ablinger, the leader of the machine company of the Hefter group, in front of the Mazak integrex 200 IIIS compound machining machine

the best cad/cam software solutions of the same kind come from Cimatron group company

Gibbs company, located in moorpark, California, USA, is the manufacturer of gibbscam software for cad/cam system, and has become a part of Cimatron group since the beginning of 2008. Since CimatronE has its own cad/cam software solutions, so far, Cimatron company is mainly committed to the tool and die industry. The merger with Gibbs of the United States has opened up a new application software field in the general manufacturing industry, for example, in the field of multi task machining centers. Cimatron's goal is to provide industry-class software solutions for all levels of the manufacturing industry

gibbs software is provided in Germany under the product name of gibbscam and is used by many large companies in the United States, including Boeing, Ford, general dynamics, general motors, Lockheed Martin and Raytheon

gibbs software is sold directly in Germany through Cimatron German branch and datentechnik Reitz gmbh&co kg

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from a one-man company to a group company

hefter machinenbau was founded in prien am Chiemsee, Germany in 1963. In the first two years of the company's operation, there was only one person in the company. Now the name of Hefter stands for a group company. Cleantech company and officetech company are branches of Hefter group in addition to machine factories. Hefter systemform is the production equipment and system for further processing of paper and mail, Hefter cleantech is the processing equipment for cleaning floors and escalators, and Hefter officetech produces paper shredders, paper cutters and laminations

machine factory is still the core business of Hefter group. In addition to developing and producing for our own branches, we also process single parts and complete assembled parts for external customers

the current total number of employees in the machine factory of Hefter group is 450; 70 people worked in the second machine factory built in nyul, Hungary, in 2005. For more information, please visit

in gibbscam software

gibbscam V8 of Hefter machine company, installation options:

3D milling and turning up to 25 axes

with the MTM module supported by CNC controlled lathes, more than four insurance companies' premium income seats began to be supported by tool devices, auxiliary spindles and y/b axes for shuffling and synchronous operation

rotary milling, c-axis/b-axis synchronous milling

operate 3D components through Parasolid, surface and wireframe tools

cad interface: Inventor part and assembly, SolidWorks part and assembly, solid edge part and assembly, Parasolid, DXF, DWG, IGES

5-axis synchronous milling module in the planning stage. (end)

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