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Environmental friendly adhesives for blister packaging are in the ascendant

the development of adhesives for packaging is restricted by strict environmental protection regulations, human life and health awareness and production safety requirements. The key of environmentally friendly blister packaging technology is the research and development of adhesives. In order to reduce the environmental pollution of products, the adhesive for blister packaging has developed in two directions:

1 It does not contain organic solvents

for example, the ultrafast UV curing adhesive (curing time 0..5s) introduced by Manser, Alois and others in Germany in 1990 is made of acrylic prepolymer, PHOTOACTIVATOR and photosensitizer, which is used for blister packaging. The binder does not contain organic solvents

2. Water based, cold sealing, energy saving

take the Netherlands' ecoblis company as a typical representative

in 1996, due to the rearrangement of internal grains, LISS introduced a new cold sealed blister packaging to the market. This technology not only combines the strength of previous blister packaging technology, but also makes the packaging simpler and easier, which is clean, fast, energy-saving and environment-friendly. The cold sealing adhesive is used instead of the heat sealing adhesive. It can be used in the packaging of medicine, electronics, food, cosmetics, agricultural products, auto parts, etc. This special eco screen UV Max adhesive is a cold adhesive system. It does not need to be heated during bonding. It can achieve good bonding fastness by directly and instantaneously pressurizing, which can greatly reduce the power consumption during production, reduce the processing time, and greatly improve the production efficiency. Ecoblis adhesive can be used very thin, and special additives, such as specific mechanical and chemical stabilizers, are added to protect ecoblis blister packaging from aging due to UV or other environmental factors. This kind of binder is yellow and transparent, with water as the solvent, and will not release a large amount of organic solvents into the atmosphere, which meets the requirements of environmental protection

environmental friendly adhesives, because there is no pollution to the environment caused by the volatilization of organic solvents, the huge drying, heating, air blowing and waste gas emission devices of the equipment are omitted, and the energy used accounts for about 12% of the total energy consumption of the national economy. Some advanced refractory enterprises have begun to embark on the path of green development, reducing energy consumption, and have a promising application prospect in the packaging field

information source: China's adhesive accelerates the development of domestic new materials

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