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In order to implement the requirements of the eighth meeting of the Beijing Tianjin Hebei and surrounding areas' air pollution prevention and control coordination group and promote the local Party committees and governments to implement air pollution prevention and control, the Ministry of environmental protection will carry out a one month special supervision on air quality from February 15 to March, before using electronic instruments, it is necessary to read the instructions carefully. Adopt the joint supervision mode of the Ministry of environmental protection and relevant provinces (cities), establish 18 supervision teams and 54 supervision teams, and mainly supervise the implementation of Party committees, governments at all levels and their relevant departments through special deployment, ministerial inspection, visit and inquiry, on-site spot inspection, etc; Strengthen measures and clarify the completion of key tasks; Formulation and launch of emergency plan for heavily polluted weather; Cleaning and elimination of coal-fired boilers; The legal rectification work of "scattered pollution" enterprises

it is understood that at present, the environmental protection situation in some areas such as Henan Province, Hebei Province, Shanxi Province and Jiangsu Province is severe. Some areas use power cuts to control production, and some regular electrolytic lead plants and small renewable lead plants are affected to varying degrees. It is common in the industry to concentrate on limiting production and stopping extrusion of polystyrene boards with polystyrene resin or its copolymer as the component. I heard that a certain area arrested merchants in the whole industrial chain, such as illegal recycling, smelting waste batteries and transportation, with more than 100 people involved, which has a great impact on the market

at present, the supply of waste batteries is limited, and the volume of goods flowing into large factories is increasing year by year. The quotation of small smelters is relatively strong. At present, the mainstream transaction price of electric vehicle batteries is in the range of yuan/ton, the transaction price of automobile white batteries is in the range of yuan/ton, and the transaction price of black shell batteries is in the range of yuan/ton. The price of reduced lead fluctuated with the price of electrolytic lead, falling back by about 100 yuan/ton as a whole. The mainstream transaction price was in the range of high accuracy of yuan/ton, and the market sentiment was insufficient

although the supply has decreased, the overall downstream demand is also poor. After, the enthusiasm of replenishment in the downstream market was not high. The battery orders were general, and the finished product inventory of enterprises was high. At present, the overall operating rate of the factory was about 70%. The raw material lead was purchased on demand, and some large enterprises only maintained long-term order delivery

as we believe that supporting factors such as production and environmental protection have not been eliminated, the logic of medium-term lead price rise still exists. However, at present, the fundamentals have failed to support the sharp rise. The first-line pressure of Shanghai lead 20000 yuan/ton is obvious, and the correction market is running higher without success. Pay attention to the support of the 20 day moving average, and temporarily deal with the fluctuation of the yuan/ton range

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