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The first sales design software training camp of Jane Paul custom wardrobe 2016 was officially launched

there is no off-season market, only off-season thoughts and actions; How far we can go is not determined by the road, but by our feet


just arrived, and we are already on the way. The first phase of the 2016 terminal sales design software training camp for Jane Paul customized wardrobe was officially launched, which is exciting

in Foshan, the city with the highest happiness index in China, in May this summer, Jane Paul's wardrobe has begun to hold the first training meeting of terminal sales design software in 2016, so that our terminal soldiers can better meet the firestorm of terminal wardrobe battlefield

this terminal wardrobe sales design system is jointly developed by Jane eypaul wardrobe and Huaguang software, with exclusive Jane eypaul wardrobe terminal design. For the use of software, the company has two major demands. First, through the combination of products and software, the product structure can be more rationalized, numerically controlled and the vitality of products can be improved. Secondly, it can standardize the design ability of stores, consolidate the sales foundation, and promote the transaction rate through the form of customer participation in the design experience. At the beginning of software investment, it was recognized by many terminal stores

because of this, the company attaches great importance to the introduction of software, and organized the first training for dealers across the country in May. After two months of market practice, all of them have been pulled back to carry out the retraining training, which is not only consolidated on the original basis, but also deepened in the aspects of spatial layout, color matching and drawing quotation

-- Based on Lingnan and looking at the whole country, the training is for better fighting

training is to prepare for a more brilliant victory

and we have thought of this with great foresight

as the training conference was approaching on May 9, dealers from all over the country successively came to the hotels arranged by Jane Paul Foshan headquarters. More than 40 families from more than 20 stores in Guangdong, Hunan, Shandong, Jiangsu, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia and other places across the country have also gathered in Foshan to start a new round of preparations

the first day


at 8:30 a.m. on the 10th, the family members of Jane aipaul's wardrobe signed in orderly, and they said they were looking forward to the effect and harvest of this training

the teacher invited by the company is an expert of Huaguang software. Not only has a solid foundation, but also is very dedicated. Often interact with students and guide them one-on-one

as the saying goes, "a good memory is better than a bad pen". Although the content in the class is simple, there are many contents. If you want to remember all of them, notes are still an eternal record in addition to using your brain

in the first class, teacher Chen Zhengchen taught his family how to operate the drawing skills of customized furniture. Of course, the family members who took time out of their busy schedule to study are not willing to fall behind and are listening carefully to the teacher

learn knowledge. Ask if you don't understand it. If you want to learn well, don't be ashamed to ask. This scene reminds Xiaobian of the time when he was learning software; Because I just touched it, many functions and operations are confused

but it doesn't matter. During the training, Mr. Chen and the director of Huaguang Technology Department will cooperate with you to learn together and guide you to learn and make good use of the terminal sales design system

learning from each other rather than training. The spirit of family members' learning from each other is commendable. They should walk with Jane Paul, make common progress, improve the work efficiency of national franchised stores, and serve customers wholeheartedly

we firmly believe that only through continuous learning and growth can we continue to achieve better results! In 2016, make another peak

work at sunrise and rest at sunset. We are looking forward to the next day's training. We hope the family will adhere to the attitude of serious study, and we also wish the training course a smooth progress

more highlights to be continued

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