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There has always been a saying in the home decoration industry: three rely on hard decoration and seven rely on soft decoration. Now, the Pearl of the palm home prepares a high-level home decoration color matching guide for you, so that your nest instantly looks beautiful

with the improvement of living standards, people's requirements for living environment are gradually rising, and the requirements for soft clothing are becoming more and more exquisite. There has always been a saying in the home decoration industry: three rely on hard decoration and seven rely on soft decoration

space color matching is the most intuitive visual experience for a home. We can carry out professional matching through furniture and soft decoration with different textures and colors to improve space taste. So what color is the right choice? How to adjust the color proportion

accent color 01

make your home active

it's easy to achieve this goal by using a black-and-white gray background color, and then adding the color you want to emphasize. After the big background color is determined, just find your favorite accent color and put it into the space as a finishing touch. In this case, filling any color will not make a big mistake

the appearance of emphasis color will give people a sense of home decoration full of overall design. Black and white gray with pink, black and white gray with yellow, black and white gray with gold, black and white gray with brown are all good choices

friendly tips: color suggestions can be put on soft clothing, such as curtains, sofa cushions, paintings, carpets, which is convenient and cheap when you want to change the visual effect

similar colors 02

presentation of advanced sense

sometimes the color of the space wall is all the same, which is easy to appear dull. In order to bring a more vivid and full visual effect, you can choose to change the material texture or color of one wall, and carefully select furniture and soft decoration with similar colors to adjust, so as to create a high-level visual effect with deep and shallow transition and rich layers, making the space atmosphere more harmonious and comfortable

when doing home decoration, the mood of trying various styles and colors is very understandable, but we must be restrained. Behind the beauty of design, there must be logic as a support, rather than their own random collocation

jump color 03

make your home personalized and thoughtful

the collocation of jump color is relatively difficult to control. If you have such a plan, you need high color sensitivity, and you can't do what you want. Of course, once matched properly, it is also quite amazing

the combination of jump colors has a distinctive modern sense, which is comfortable and durable. It is also very good to play some lively tricks

it should be noted that the soft colors used for jump color decoration will be relatively soothing and the visual effect will be more comfortable. On the contrary, if you use the same strong color, the visual conflict will be strong, and it will give people pressure and tension over time

classic color 04

eternal black and white gray, different warmth

bold collocation of colors requires skills, and ordinary people dare not try it easily, which belongs to an unacceptable category, while white is different, which belongs to a versatile color

it is matched with black. The dark and light color system has a strong visual impact and can show a good effect. Gray is between the two, easing the collision between the two colors

light color 05

makes home endless tenderness

if in uncertain circumstances, light color matching can generally create small surprises, such as the use of log color, which brings brightness to the home in the living room

some people say that "no matter what age a woman is, pink must be her lifelong love". How to make pink look warm and relaxed? Let's take a look at the case of "warm forest" as the apple of our eyes

a lot of lotus root pink and low saturation colors make the girl's heart pop, bad, it's a romantic feeling

in a word, there are certain rules for the coordination and unification of color matching, but there is no fixed formula. Only by making good use of color can we give full play to the use of color in space and build an orderly and beautiful indoor space

the apple of your eye, gives you the best home color matching

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