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The "world's home of life" Taiwan study tour sponsored by lifehome flooring and Sina home will start in Kunming on November 16. In the eight day trip, we will slowly taste Taiwan's design, nature and humanities

the "world's home of life" Taiwan study tour sponsored by lifehome flooring and Sina home, set off in Kunming on November 16. During the eight day trip, we will slowly taste Taiwan's design, nature and humanities, and the "beautiful relationship" between them, awakening our feelings for a better life from Taiwan's "small happiness"

On November 18, we drove from Taipei to Taichung, the economic, transportation and cultural center in Central Taiwan. During the two-day trip in Taichung, we visited the famous Taiwan Design Company Tianfang interior plan, and visited the Asian Modern Art Museum, the Taiwan National Theater, the East China University Road Siyi church, Bodhisattva temple, Lele bookstore and other classic projects with their own characteristics

exchange of Tianfang interior plan

on the morning of the 19th, we visited the Tianfang interior plan founded by the famous designer zhangqingping. Tianfang is good at integrating the essence of eastern and western philosophy and art, creating the ultimate design of introspection and calm, and depicting the texture of life with introverted luxury and perfect details. Create a wonderful and unforgettable space with montage luxury design

visiting the design company is nothing more than visiting the office and listening to case sharing. However, this exchange with Mr. Zhang Qingping is more like a cordial conversation with a wise and gentle elder. Zhang Qingping asked, what is design? Every designer has expressed his understanding, and there is no standard answer to this question. Zhang Qingping didn't directly tell the designer his answer, but said - he wouldn't say he was a designer, but called himself a "designer", because "teacher" is the honorific title given to you by others. When doing design, we should adhere to such a gentle, courteous and frugal attitude, and make design people-oriented. People-oriented should start from being a person

during the one-and-a-half-hour exchange, Zhang Qingping guided designers to think about what design is and how to do it well, such as elders and teachers, with every encouraging word. The language of design can be learned, but the energy of design should be cultivated by yourself, and the wisdom of design should be understood by yourself. This practice is always in progress. Get ready to meet the opportunities given by this era

Tadao Ando's philosophy Asian Modern Art Museum

walk along the concrete footpath of the triangular moving line in the green lawn, walk past the statue of the thinker, and enter Tadao Ando's architectural world - Asian modern art museum

this is Tadao Ando's first architectural work in Taiwan, and it is also the first Tadao Ando Art Museum on campus in the world. The Asian Modern Art Museum continues Tadao Ando's iconic fair faced concrete style, taking the equilateral triangle as the basic element of the design, dividing the plane of the equilateral triangle into three floors and staggering into countless triangles. The patio space and outdoor platform generated by staggered translation have been transformed into areas with different functions, such as carving tables and open-air cafes. Because Taiwan is prone to earthquakes, the columns in the art museum are all "crooked", and the space and curtain windows formed by V-shaped steel frames are also triangular

similarly, Tadao Ando attaches great importance to creating a sacred field with light and shadow in this art museum. There are three spaces in the museum, which are known as "sacred spaces" because of wonderful light changes

the changes of light and shadow make people who enjoy works of art in the art museum inadvertently have unexpected gains in the moving lines and turning points of the building, and every sacred moment is unexpected. Our unexpected harvest this time is that the Art Museum held the "flower language Flower Expo" art special exhibition, and saw the works of Chinese and foreign masters such as Kusama Masao, Murakami Takashi, Nara Mizhi, Zhao Wuji, Zhang Daqian, Lin Fengmian, Chang Yu, Zhou Chunya at one time, which can be described as an unexpected joy

mobile building, Taichung opera house

in that year, ITO won the unanimous approval of six judges, defeated Zaha Hadid and won the bidding of Taichung opera house. This is a subversive building with curved walls, no columns, no beams. There are 58 " Curved wall "e;, There are no two identical curved surfaces to form the undulating internal structure of the Grand Theater. The particularity of the structure has caused many difficulties to the construction, which is known as the most difficult building in the world. It took 10 years from design to completion

in Toyo Ito's architectural world, buildings seem to have become a part of the evolution of nature. Through the injection of human consciousness, a set of life evolution of human creation has been developed. With the idea of sound culvert, Yidong builds the flowing force of life. With the penetration of light, sound and air, and the shuttle and movement of people, the flowing vitality extends from the building. Toyo Ito brings a subversive contemporary architectural experience, which is breathtaking

faith in the world road sense church

road sense church is located in Donghai University. Donghai University was jointly planned and designed by I.M. Pei, Chen qikuan and Zhang Zhaokang since 1954. The early Wenli Avenue building complex took the courtyard space and wood structure system representing the traditional Chinese architectural form as the prototype, forming an architectural and spatial experience in which human nature and nature care for each other. Lu Siyi church, designed by I.M. Pei and Chen qikuan, is on the open lawn between the sports center and the teaching area

architects hope that the church "is the spirit of the whole school", "in this building, it reflects the cultural tradition of our country, reveals the will of Christ's fraternity and sacrifice, and has the creativity and spirit of this era." Before that, there had been a set of models for church architecture. I.M. Pei and Chen qikuan broke the traditional church form and supported the whole building with four walls, with golden glazed tiles outside the concrete walls

the simple and beautiful building structure is unique, and it is rated as one of the 10 most beautiful 20th century buildings in the world by the Getty foundation visual arts foundation of the United States

the color of the church close to the land gives people a sense of stability. It is located in the center of the campus, and many students sit idle on the grass every day. At this time, you feel that it is not very far away from religion, and there is no need to embrace awe. It is a power of earthly life

life Zen Bodhisattva temple

Bodhisattva temple is a modern temple with a very small scale, which is a Taoist field to convey the spirit of Buddhism to the world. Beside the busy road, the construction line retreated slightly, an old plum tree, and a silent boulder under the tree. Following the sound of the water, I looked through the opening of the low water wall, and the scene in the temple appeared faintly. I opened the wooden door and entered the "road of seeking Tao"

from entering the temple gate, follow the small bridge and cross the pool. The first floor is a semi outdoor space, which meets the general functions of office and reception; Take a turn, follow the stairs and the light, climb the half floor to the platform and ring the bell, with implicit determination to seek the way; Turn to the second floor and walk into the hall to listen to the Buddha Dharma; Go up to the platform on the third floor and look back at the world of mortals and their coming road Every turning point, the heart becomes more and more peaceful. This is the core concept of Banmu pond in the design of Bodhisattva temple

although it is the main structure of fair faced concrete, the vine climbing the wall and the landscape wall with flowing water are quite Zen like Japanese gardens. Carpenters from Lugang slowly and carefully use the warm wood as the medium of human and concrete structure, so the indoor space is warmer and softer. The sun and breeze linger between the branches and leaves of the old tree. Sitting down and looking at the clear water in front of you, the seeds of Zen are buried in your heart

how happy! Lele bookstore

he found a good book for my dear, so happy

it's so joyful to hear a long cherished melody

learn a good dish that inspires the taste buds of the whole family, so happy

today I'm looking at the favorite story of little cotton padded jacket. It's so happy

how happy it is to drink your favorite cup of coffee

it's fun to find the best chair for yourself

it's fun to find the next travel destination

I'm so happy to smell the grandpa tea of my hometown in my memory

Lele bookstore, the gathering place of xiaoquxing that makes people smile

-- Zhang Qingping

the Lele Bookstore designed by Zhang Qingping is not a bookstore in the traditional sense, but a cultural and creative space that interprets the relationship between man and space, man and nature, man and culture, and man and man, and integrates crossover, aesthetics, and kindness

the business model of Lele bookstore is very special. It costs NT $150 to enter, and books are available for reading without limitation in a day. Tea, coffee and snacks are provided free of charge. The books here cannot be purchased, but can only be "exchanged". Exchange two books for one book of Lele - with exchange, there will be the flow of knowledge and the transmission of love. This is related to the origin of Lele bookstore. The founder zhangqingping learned that the construction company regularly donated books to rural children every year. Moved, he also wanted to do his best to make books more and more through exchange and donate more books to help children

a banyan tree connects the first and second floors, extending outdoors and introducing nature. Why choose banyan tree? "Banyan tree represents the collective memory of Taiwanese people. People once enjoyed the cool under the tree, made tea, chatted, and played. They wanted to bring that warm feeling into the space, so that a new interaction and a very warm gathering could be created between trees, books, and people." Zhang Qingping said so

the bookstore leaves a patio for the old tree. Sunlight, rain and breeze naturally enter. When you look up, you can see the leaves gently swaying in the sky light. When it rains, sitting on the soft sofa, an interesting book, listening to the sound of rain hitting the leaves, the years are quiet, what can I ask for

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