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Qijia class: common problems of water pipes q&a

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FAQ of water pipes:

1. How deep should the workers slot? How much should I buy triangle valves, hoses and the like

answer: generally about 3cm. There are 6-8 triangle valves and hoses for the first bathroom and the first kitchen respectively, and 8-12 valves for the second bathroom and the first kitchen respectively. The details will be determined when installing the faucet

2. Excuse me, I use the fittings of eno to connect the pipes of Weixing. Will there be any problems when connecting the pipes of the two brands

answer: different brands of PP-R pipes use different raw materials, with different hot melt coefficients and different cooling times, so this is not recommended

3. Does 3cm slotting mean one water pipe or two water pipes

answer: 3cm refers to the depth and width of a pipe groove. The width of the two pipe grooves should be increased accordingly

4. Can you provide slotting suggestions

answer: Yes, first of all, our house keepers will draw the groove line according to the customer's requirements on site, and then estimate the price and put forward reasonable suggestions

5. May I ask my workers to dress it

answer: the installation process of PP water pipes requires high requirements. It is not recommended to use their own workers to install water pipes. First, the quality can not be guaranteed, and second, to prevent problems from arguing with each other. The manufacturer's workers are required to install, the manufacturer guarantees quality, and the regular manufacturers have insurance. If there is a problem, the manufacturer will settle the claim in full




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