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Pharmaceutical enterprises: efficient filling and standardized capping (Part 2)

the capping machine has a remote control clutch system. The air acting torque limiting clutch allows the operator to adjust the torque applied to the cap when the cap is tightened on the container. These parameters can be adjusted when the machine is running, which reduces the lost time and does not need to adjust each clutch separately. Calibrated turntables in all metals found so far ensure that the operator can repeat the torque setting for each capping application without the need for torque tongs and separate tools

the capping machine combines an electronic torque monitor. When the bottle cap is added to the container, it can measure the torque applied to the bottle cap and send a signal to the console when the torque does not meet the specification. The torque is displayed on a LCD screen, and a built-in computer equipped with a standard statistical analysis package enables the controller to display test data

the capping machine is combined with six rotating shafts - three on each side of the conveyor belt - to tighten the bottle cap on the bottle. When the cap is applied to the container, an electronic torque monitor measures the torque applied to the cap

"for the filling machine, the capping machine is very versatile. It can be electrically changed in a wide range of bottle sizes without any mechanical changes." Mr. Williams said, "Kaps all capping machine is user-friendly and easy to maintain and repair. In addition, the manufacturer's business is booming and can provide us with excellent services."

after capping, a Kalish neck hoop machine is used to wind a piece of anti stealing printing tape from the bottle cap down to the bottleneck. Although this neck hoop machine is no longer produced, IMA Nova packaging still provides services and spare parts. The packaging bottle then passes through a shrinkage tunnel from oal associates, Inc., which shrinks the anti-theft lifting belt to attach it to the bottle cap and bottle body

labeling and visual inspection

next, the packaging bottle is transferred to a double head pressure-sensitive labeling machine from d.l.-tech company. The packaging bottle is first transferred to the conveyor belt of the labeling machine, and the two sides of the conveyor belt are equipped with labeling operation platforms. According to the different packaging bottles being processed, the labeling machine will add a single dot label, two dot labels pasted on the opposite sides of the bottle, a winding label or a multi page plug-in label to the packaging bottle. During this operation, each roll of label is installed horizontally and pulled onto the label wedge, where it is stripped from the roll and pasted onto the packaging bottle. When the label roll enters the labeling machine, it will pass through an Allen thermal printer from Thermo Electron to print the batch code and date on each label

the bottles entering the labeling machine pass through a measuring station where they are properly separated by fingers to prepare for the labeling operation. After labeling, the bottle packaging continues to pass through an inertia sliding sponge, which firmly applies the label to the bottle wall. Then, the bottles are loaded manually and transferred to the transport box along the conical object from top to bottom. These transport boxes are then sent to a DL tech print/paste. They will replace them with more accurate words. At least they think so. They will search the tagging machine again. The tagging machine combines a heat transfer printer from Sato America's model m8485se. In this operation, the blank label volume is pulled through the printer, and the printer prints the product name, date and product code and related barcode on the label. After that, the label is peeled off from the back of the paper roll and pasted on the transport case when the transport case with very high stability in the transport process is transported on the conveyor belt. The transport case is then manually palletized


heat transfer printer prints the batch code and date on each label

hi tech uses a visual inspection system from DVT to check the batch code and date on the bottle label and case label, as well as the barcode and product name on the case label. A DVT legend 540 camera is installed at the back of each labeling machine, and a matching string corresponding to the processed product is sent to the two cameras through the hub management interface. The camera compares each tag with a matching string and stops the line when an error is detected. The data and images are uploaded to the Ethernet of the factory. Williams can view them on a computer in his office and make changes to the inspection parameters if necessary. Mr. willianms said, "this DVT system is user-friendly, easy to program, and the manufacturer provides good support." "Another big advantage is that the software is free," he said

information source: packagingbest China

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