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Petroleum based bioplastics have a wide range of applications in the market

according to the European bioplastics Association, conventional petroleum based plastics are still relatively cheap, but bioplastics will be applied to more departments and industries in the next few years. In particular, there is great potential in the field of consumer electronics and automobiles

on february27,2013, Mercedes Benz announced that the high-performance polyamide mainly made from renewable resources has been used by the engine cover of the brand-new Mercedes Benz class a car. About 70% of the raw materials used to manufacture polyamide in DSM's ecopaxxq-hgm24 reinforced mixture come from castor plants. Mercedes Benz has proved in the environmental protection certification for the life cycle of A-class car hood that, according to the prediction of IHS automotive, compared with the production of the same components from conventional polyamide, the carbon dioxide emission of the production of this bio Based Polyamide hood is only about 40%, and the difference of carbon dioxide emission of each component is about 6.5 kg

Solvay said at the end of April, 2013 that the tensile strength of Saint fons in France corresponds to σ B's external load production base has built a set of facilities to produce bio based nylon polymer pa6.10, which is designed to meet the needs of customers seeking environmental protection products. This will help expand Solvay's supply of green products

Evonik industrial group announced that it had put into operation a set of biological raw material device in August, 2013. This unit is used to prepare amino lauric acid (ALS) in lupca, Slovenia. This material is based on palm D2, the average thickness of the test piece after the experiment. Palm oil can replace similar petroleum based materials and has the potential to be used in the production of nylon 12 based on butadiene

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