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The pharmaceutical industry needs safe packaging

the internal value is not all of the goods, at least for the goods that need packaging, the external packaging is also very important. However, different industries have different requirements for packaging. Cosmetics manufacturers favor attractive packaging design. The packaging of chemical products aims at environmental protection. In the pharmaceutical industry, packaging must protect products and convince consumers that they are buying real drugs. During achema2006, exhibitors will show their latest packaging machinery and packaging technology

over the years, the entire packaging industry has benefited from the growth of market demand. This success is by no means accidental. The packaging industry has always been very sensitive to market changes, which means that producers can quickly change their packaging to meet the needs of consumers. Packaging experts work under great pressure. Although their creativity and innovation can help the company maintain profits, it may not be enough to rely solely on the innovation of packaging experts in the future. The shortage of raw materials has caused prices to continue to rise and oil prices to rise. According to the decision of the European Association of plastic processors, which is headquartered in Brussels to prepare for the next experiment, European plastic processors have greatly increased their product prices

weight reduction is the core of the development of all packaging products. Its purpose is to save materials and reduce costs. Airtight, non irritating, non deforming, anti cracking and safety are the important features of the improved new packaging provided by the German version of process. The development of new packaging focuses on molding technology and minimization of energy consumption in the production process. As more and more packaging is used to display images, the variety of packaging is increasingly diversified, and the shape of packaging is also gradually increasing

in the pharmaceutical industry, packaging has an increasing impact on consumer acceptance. It is common for pharmaceutical manufacturers and packaging experts to cooperate in the early stage of drug development. The packaging forms of drugs vary, including plastic foam packaging, folding boxes, medicine bottles and inhalers. Just like its active ingredients, drug packaging should first take the resource-saving development path

however, different packages have some common features. First, packaging must protect the product. Most drugs are still sold as tablets or capsules in plastic blisters. Another major common feature is the excellent cost performance. Therefore, pharmaceutical manufacturers are developing plastic blisters that consume less materials

brand loyalty is another important issue. The development trend of OTC (over-the-counter drugs) has not yet declined. Since customers buy these products directly, the external packaging box must be eye-catching and different. There are many design schemes that can attract customers' attention, such as changing the shape of the package or adding some features to make the package easier to open. We can use special metal or iodine effect inks, as well as other special inks including UV ink and mixed ink to beautify printed fonts. Other technologies include the use of embossed foil, cold foil transfer, calendering and laminated foil

packaging companies use a variety of printing methods to thwart the bad attempts of professional counterfeiters. One solution is to add safety marks, including twisted plain patterns, micro lines, corrugated patterns, holograms or special inks. The comprehensive use of different security features can effectively prevent forgery. At the same time, new technologies for monitoring the entire sales chain are also being developed. New technologies came into being under this impetus, such as different frequency radar transceiver and RFID (radio frequency technology) which often cooperates with new automation technologies

it is expected that the development of pharmaceutical industry and other industries will provide huge growth potential for the isolation aluminum foil material market. Following the development trend of globalization, the production base of pharmaceutical industry is also being centralized. Nowadays, few manufacturers need to serve a huge market or supply products to various regions. The requirements of drug stability are increasingly stringent, and humidity sensitive products continue to increase

single layer aluminum foil is widely used in plastic blisters, but due to the above reasons, multi-layer aluminum foil is becoming an increasingly popular substitute. Manufacturers can also offer a wide range of finishing options. Aluminum foil used in packaging machinery is easy to pack and disassemble after special deep stamping

global transportation poses challenges to packaging manufacturers. Due to the expansion of economic regions and the increase of EU Member States, trade barriers are gradually disappearing. The access of new markets and consumer groups has become a reality. In the processing industry, packaging must have better safety and flexibility. In many cases, simply packing the goods is not enough. Now, we need to work closely with consumers to ensure the maximum protection of products with the lowest cost packaging. Consumers often need logistics services, such as warehousing and container return. Now it is difficult to imagine how to transport a large number of products without high-quality reusable containers

efficient control and tracking of all IBCs and returnable stainless steel containers is necessary. At present, most control systems are based on bar code, but RFID is an attractive alternative, although this technology has yet to show its role in chemical industry and logistics

overview of packaging trends

the packaging industry responds to various problems caused by rising raw material prices

smart packaging enhances the anti-counterfeiting protection of drugs and cosmetics

the batch size becomes smaller and smaller

the demand for highly flexible packaging machinery increases

automation and advanced machine technology accelerate the packaging speed

self-adhesive labels and smart labels synchronized with the trend of the times

the flexibility of small batch packaging increases

small packages Installation units are becoming more and more popular in all industries. In the pharmaceutical industry and fine chemical industry, the batch size is becoming smaller and smaller. One reason is that producers are willing to produce and package special products to meet the preferences of specific consumers. Producers need highly flexible packaging equipment so that they can understand the market. In fact, labels are much more complex than they look at first sight. A large amount of information is stored on small labels

need to respond as soon as possible. System solutions (including planning and Implementation) and modular design have become increasingly popular

the progress of microelectronics and process technology enables engineers to speed up the operation of production lines. At present, this technology, together with automation technology and advanced robot technology, has played a major role in the development of processing industry, including the thermophysical properties, conductivity, mechanical properties and resistance to atmosphere and corrosive media of experimental materials

the controller and transmission mechanism can load and place products at an amazing speed. Bus system and distributed computer, which greatly reduce the wiring requirements, are widely used

9 years ago, the first packaging machine with remote diagnosis function was grandly launched at the achema exhibition. Today, remote diagnosis and connection with advanced enterprise resource planning systems have become standard features of all packaging machines

the perfect connection between upstream and downstream systems has become increasingly important to maintain the smooth operation of the device. In the packaging industry, the early warning module using high-definition camera and intelligent machine image system is becoming an important partner in the packaging industry

store important information in a small space

at this year's achema exhibition, packaging machines will account for a large proportion, and visitors will have the opportunity to see the new labeling system. This small tag, which looks insignificant, is actually very complex. A large amount of information is stored in this small space

there are other changes in packaging equipment, such as anti-counterfeiting, new materials and beautiful appearance

in order to comply with regulations and provide information in multiple languages, the space occupied by product identification is increased. Self adhesive labels and smart labels have become the mainstream of identification means together with paper labels. The different frequency radar transceiver or radio frequency technology sealed on the smart tag can also prevent high priced products from being stolen. However, users are also interested in information such as sales, storage, and shelf life. These data can also be stored on the label

last but not least, the label must be relatively cheap and must be firmly attached to small containers such as cartons, barrels, pallets and glass bottles. Flexibility is a basic requirement for manufacturers of labeling and packaging equipment. Like packaging equipment, the labeling system must have the ability to handle small batches, different languages and different sizes. During achema 2006, visitors will experience new labeling and packaging machines in halls 3.0 and 3.1

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