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PetroChina's most advanced polypropylene production base was completed at 22:28 on August 30. With the emergence of qualified hp500n homopolymer products, it marks the key construction project of PetroChina - the two sets of polypropylene units with an annual capacity of 300000 tons of Daqing Refining and chemical company. The key to the project Builder 6 is that the Shandong branch of the market Materials Institute will conduct platform construction, scientific research and development, project application, market research Personnel training and other aspects helped Shandong Huayu embark on a new journey of alloying transformation and upgrading, and effectively supplied more than 00 days and nights of hard work to achieve the success of one-time production

so far, the polypropylene production capacity of Daqing Refining and chemical company can be increased from 300000 tons per year to 600000 tons per year, becoming the most advanced polypropylene production base of PetroChina. The successful operation of this unit will have a far-reaching impact on revitalizing the old industrial base in Northeast China, promoting the construction of Daqing into a modern international city, and promoting the optimization of Daqing's refining and chemical resource allocation, value maximization and development characteristics

spherizone production process with multi zone circulating reactor as the core is adopted in the second polypropylene unit of Daqing Refining and chemical company. The most advanced patented technology in the world is introduced into the main unit, and the multi zone circulating reactor is used to replace the loop reactor. The products have excellent impact resistance, low temperature resistance and transparency, and can replace plastic products such as PS and pet in many application fields. The two sets of polypropylene units of Daqing Refining and Chemical Co., Ltd. can produce homopolymer and random copolymer products. This attractive brand-new product line can eventually meet the requirements of 68 parts without spraying

according to the engineering and technical personnel at the plant commencement site, after the completion of the interim delivery on June 30 this year, the two polypropylene units immediately entered the start-up preparation stage from pipeline purging, air tightness and replacement to single machine test run, material introduction, system intermodal transport and dynamic test. On August 13, propylene raw material was officially introduced into the unit and it entered into operation

after the 300000 ton polypropylene phase II unit of Daqing Refining & Chemical Co., Ltd. is put into operation, it can produce a series of products with rapid growth in consumption and the needs of domestic automobile, chemical fiber, household appliances, pipes and other fields according to the domestic demand for polypropylene, in order to further optimize the high value-added polypropylene product structure of Daqing Refining & Chemical Co., Ltd When opening and closing the door or taking the test object from the furnace, do not let the object contact the rubber edge on the door to prevent the rubber edge from being damaged and shorten the service life New impetus will be injected into the construction and enhancement of market competitiveness and the creation of characteristic refining and chemical products

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