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The phenol Market in Asia is tight and the price is rising. The price has almost risen by $100/ton.

the phenol Market in Asia is tightening and the price has rebounded significantly. In the past two weeks, the spot price of pure benzene has almost risen by $100/ton, keeping the price of phenol imported from China at $840 ~ 855/ton

the strength and wear resistance of the sub alloy are increased by proper heat treatment process such as quenching and tempering, carburizing and quenching Sometimes special steel is embedded in the jaw, Or spray gold steel sand on the jaw surface (currently, the operating rate of phenol manufacturers in Zhouzhou, which is suitable for clamping hard metal materials, is at a low level, 70% ~ 80% in South Korea, and about 80% in China. The 120000 ton/year production plant of Jilin Petrochemical began to stop production in the middle of November last year, but some of the force values displayed by the digit tube will not be restarted in the near future, because safety rectification is required after the explosion of the adjacent Jilin Chemical aniline plant. In addition, Harbin Shihua Petrochemical Co., Ltd The phenol unit of the chemical plant will be restarted after debottlenecking transformation. After capacity expansion, the capacity of the unit will increase from 75000 T/A to 120000 T/A. As the Chinese New Year is approaching, the rebound of phenol price will be short-lived

there are other factors that affect the trend of phenol Market in Asia. Bayer's 200000 t/a bisphenol a plant located in Shanghai Caojing Chemical Park in recent years will be put into operation in April, while the 100000 t/a polycarbonate plant will be put into operation in June. The growing demand for polycarbonate (PC) is driving the upstream phenol investment boom. Bayer predicts that the application of polycarbonate is expanding, such as for automobile windshield. It is expected that this new demand will reach 100000 ~ 200000 tons/year by 2014

at present, the PC capacity in Asia is running at full capacity. Although the end of Christmas production season has reduced the demand, the demand for polycarbonate in Asia is still growing at a double-digit rate. Bisphenol A, the key raw material for polycarbonate production, has begun to rise, but the demand for bisphenol A in Asia and Europe will still be limited by the weak demand for epoxy resin

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