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Informatization is the basis for unifying strong smart electricity

on August 20, Yang Xueshan, Vice Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology, pointed out that promoting the integration of informatization and industrialization and taking a new road to industrialization is an important strategic decision of the Party Central Committee and the state Council when investigating the development of enterprise informatization and smart electricity in the national power company. There are many bright spots in the idea of unified and strong smart electricity proposed by State Grid Corporation of China. Informatization is the foundation and guarantee for the development of unified and strong smart electricity

Yang Xueshan and his delegation visited the UHV achievement exhibition. At the national power dispatching and communication center, Yang Xueshan learned about the dispatching technical support system in detail. At present, with the help of informatization, the center can collect real-time data of lines with more than 330 kV and power plants with installed capacity of more than one million kW in all provinces. The electric energy management system (EMS) adopted by the national dispatching center is an electric dispatching automation software product with independent intellectual property rights in China

Yang Xueshan fully affirmed the information work achievements and intelligent power construction ideas of State Grid Corporation of China. He said that the national proximity switch plays a protective role, and the informatization construction of the power company has reached a high level, which has three characteristics: first, the informatization construction closely focuses on the company's development strategy and core business, and realizes the transformation from "combination" to "integration", which provides a strong support for the company to realize the "two transformations"; Second, we have always paid attention to putting autonomy and controllability in an important position, ensuring information security and promoting the improvement of localization level such as collision; Third, adhere to centralized and unified construction ideas and overall system architecture, supporting the sound and rapid development of information construction

at the symposium, the comrades attending the meeting believed that the construction of unified and strong smart electricity is the joint point of realizing the integration of industrialization and informatization by the State Grid and other companies. In the construction of smart electricity, "unified" is the premise, "strong" is the foundation, "smart" is the key, and the three complement each other

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