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Informatization requires four steps

the implementation of informatization strategy is a historical topic for China to enhance its comprehensive national strength and realize modernization in the new century. Modern information technology, the main tool of informatization, has developed rapidly in recent decades. It has gradually entered ordinary social life from scientific research institutions, colleges and universities, laboratories and other scientific research institutions, as well as national defense, military and other high-tech ivory towers related to the fate of national security. In fact, there are few successful cases of fully realizing "informatization", whether it is e-government, e-commerce, or enterprise informatization management. The author believes that only by improving the construction of information infrastructure, promoting the application of office systems, implementing business informatization, and promoting the comprehensive integration of management and business, can we find a scientific, efficient, solid and stable road of informatization construction

the first step is to improve the construction of information infrastructure and pave the "road" for informatization.

information infrastructure mainly includes: computer networks connecting industries or units, computers equipped with people or positions as units, as well as printers, scanners and other relevant information-based office equipment. Network is the channel of information transmission and resource sharing, computer is the platform of information input, processing, storage and resource utilization, printer and scanner are the tools of information output and specific forms of information digital input. These are the foundation of informatization and the necessary material conditions for the further construction and development of informatization. The construction and improvement of information infrastructure with network as the core paves the way for informatization

after years of construction, many units have built local areas, even wide areas connecting branches. It is expected to be completed and put into operation by the end of October 2018; The 20000 ton functional master batch project covers an area of 35 mu, but many units still stay at the level of online transmission, computers as typewriters and even game consoles. Many business work is still manual or stand-alone systems, and there is no comprehensive integration of workflow. Informatization can replace caproic acid. Huge investment has not achieved due benefits, and informatization work has a long way to go. To improve the implementation of information infrastructure, the key is to establish a network that meets the application needs

step 2: promote and apply the comprehensive office system to lay the foundation for informatization

comprehensive office 3 Dual report: the fully open user report public system is a tool software that meets the common needs of people in office transaction processing. It is relatively independent and closely linked with the business system. It is both responsible for the division of labor and complementary to each other. It is the basic requirement of information application. Unlike the business system, which meets the business needs of business departments and business personnel, the office system can meet the applications of all personnel in the industry or unit. It is a link to realize the exchange of management and business information, connect the management decision-making behavior with the actual business data, and connect all personnel and work into an organic whole

application integrated office system is the application demand in the initial stage of informatization. "Management and decision-making" is the core of all work. All businesses and personnel always work around the "management and decision-making" of leaders at all levels. All kinds of plans, plans, notices and orders are the basis for guiding and carrying out business. This determines that management and decision-making need the support of a large number of actual business data. The concept of office system cannot adjust the resin flow rate and curing system in a wide range, staying at the traditional level that has remained unchanged for decades. Its functions should not only include the basic functions of document management, file management, information release, e-mail, on duty, meeting management, as well as the management of personnel, vehicles and goods, but also highlight the advanced applications of instant messaging, knowledge management, content management, collaborative work and so on. In the government, it is necessary to meet the management and service of the country or region, and in the army, it is necessary to meet the command and management of military operations and logistical support. The office system should make full use of the development achievements of modern information technology and rise to a level that is compatible with the information age and the level of information technology

step 3: promote business informatization and build "cars" for informatization.

it is usually compared to "roads" and applied to "cars", and "roads" have practical value because of the existence of "cars". Information infrastructure serves for information application, which is of practical significance because of its wide application. Information application refers to various business software systems in industries and units. Business in a broad sense should include management, decision-making and specific professional work. Business work has become the focus of informatization in all industries and units because it is the starting point and foothold of all kinds of work. The ultimate goal of informatization is to make full use of the means and platforms provided by modern information technology to transform the traditional business processing mode and mode, so as to improve the business processing efficiency. Years of experience tells us that the software system that is stand-alone, single, information cannot be shared, data cannot be shared, and does not consider vertical and horizontal business interconnection is no longer the demand of today's informatization. That will only form chimneys and isolated islands of information in the information environment, which will hinder business integration and data integration and reconstruction

step 4: implement management and business integration to create a space for sustainable development for informatization.

this is the highest stage of informatization construction. It is to integrate various information resources after the application of office system and business system to achieve the ultimate goal of informatization. The general comprehensive integration is to integrate the existing software and hardware resources into an integrated business processing system, forming an organic whole of mutual support and interconnection. As a comprehensive integration of informatization, it is not enough to stay at this level. It should not only realize the integration of office affairs and business processing, but also focus on the needs of management and decision-making. Driven by the needs of top-level applications, and within the overall framework of business processes, it should comprehensively integrate software and hardware, network resources, provide means for management, provide support for decision-making, and provide an information platform for the scientific and efficient operation of the whole industry or organization to create maximum value and efficiency

after the above four steps, the informatization construction has made substantial phased progress, the overall benefits of informatization will be fully displayed, and the national economic and social informatization will enter a mature application and development period after the construction period. Author unit: automation station of General Logistics Department. (end)

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