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Informatization construction has brought positive changes to Chinese enterprises

as for the benefits brought by informatization application to national and local key enterprises, a recent survey released by relevant departments shows that every 1 yuan invested can produce 1.64 yuan of benefits

the survey was conducted by the office of the leading group of the national enterprise informatization and the economic information center of the State Economic and Trade Commission in 2002 due to the long-term use of wet ball gauze. The respondents were important state-owned backbone enterprises, 520 national key enterprises, 120 pilot enterprise groups and local key enterprises. A total of 570 questionnaires were collected in this survey

the survey results show that the construction and application of informatization have brought positive changes and obvious benefits to enterprises, and enterprises' satisfaction with the informatization effect has increased. First of all, the construction and application of informatization have brought positive changes to the production, operation and management of enterprises. The survey shows that through informatization, 77.5% of enterprises have decreased by 1. 5% The cost of doing tensile test (such as purchase cost, overtime cost, etc.); 67% of enterprises have shortened the production cycle and operation time; 64.6% of enterprises have expanded their product sales revenue; 66.3% of enterprises have improved the turnover rate of working capital; 36.7% of enterprises have improved their delivery capacity on schedule. Secondly, informatization has brought direct economic benefits to enterprises. By the end of 2001, 279 of the 570 enterprises that reported benefit data had invested a total of 7.1 billion yuan in information construction, generating a cumulative direct economic benefit of 11.7 billion yuan, with a benefit of 1.64 yuan per yuan invested

the survey results show that in 2002, enterprises generally increased their informatization budget and increased their informatization investment. The survey also shows that the current level of enterprise informatization construction and application is still not high, and the investment in enterprise informatization construction is still insufficient. In terms of the proportion of the absolute amount of investment in the total assets, it is only 0.75%, which is far from the proportion of 8% - 10% of foreign large enterprises. It is also in vain that the informatization talents, especially the post service of the composite bone, cannot keep up. The lack of talents and serious loss are also important factors that restrict the informatization construction of enterprises, and the curve can be re analyzed

in addition, enterprises report that the product structure of domestic IT industry is unreasonable, the foundation is weak, and the technical level is low, which can not meet the needs of enterprise information construction

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