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Informatization promotes Hongda to become bigger and stronger

Sichuan Hongda (Group) Co., Ltd. was founded in 1979. After more than 20 years of hard work, the enterprise has gradually developed from a small factory that can only produce a single product (ordinary calcium superphosphate) to a large enterprise group integrating metallurgy and chemical industry, real estate, mining, trade, securities, scientific research, catering and entertainment. The company has 2508 employees, including 530 scientific and technological personnel; The total fixed assets are 1.15 billion yuan

advanced polymer conforming materials are composed of two key components. The main businesses of the company include: electrolytic zinc, zinc oxide, sulfuric acid, monoammonium phosphate, feed grade calcium hydrogen phosphate, nitrogen phosphorus potassium compound fertilizer, calcium superphosphate, potassium sulfate, as well as phosphate rock, zinc concentrate, sodium hyposulfite, machinery manufacturing, plastic textile bags, etc. The real estate industry of the company has set foot in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Qingdao, Chengdu, Mianyang and other places; Trade obtains the right of independent export

the company has won many honors, such as "national advanced chemical unit", "enterprise award with outstanding contributions in Sichuan Province", "special prize for profit and tax growth". The company has become 37 expansion enterprises in Sichuan Province and 520 key enterprises in China. The annual sales revenue of the company is 1.202 billion yuan, and the profit in 2000 is 197 million yuan

with the rapid development of the company, informatization is imperative. In order to speed up the development and make the company bigger and stronger, we aim at the company, and the scale - continues to expand; Products - inter bank and inter industry; Distribution - in the case of many points, wide fronts, and complex and difficult management, it has invested more than 700000 yuan, purchased nearly 90 computers of various types, and put them into local area, system or operation of operation and management as the company's information infrastructure, so as to provide timely and reliable information for the company's business decision-making, strengthen management, so that the requirements for melt index and material strength are higher and higher; With the pressure of reducing costs and the increasingly severe requirements of environmental protection, we should establish scientific management means and systems and strengthen the basic work of management. Form a computer information network, comprehensively and systematically collect and process various information materials of the company's production and operation, and provide effective services for the company's business decision-making and management. Up to now, our company uses Win98 operating system and vfp6.0o as the tool software to mainly carry out the following enterprise informatization work:

first, the design and Research Institute of the company invested 200000 yuan to purchase 15 Lenovo moon 4000 microcomputers, using one as a server, and the remaining 14 as workstations, using Win98 and NT4.0 as operating systems, sharing HP430 plotter 1, After establishing the "engineering design system of HTC (Group)" and using CAD design software to assist engineering design, the technicians of the research and Design Institute of the company quickly got rid of the drawing board and pencil. At present, the engineering drawings of 80000 tons of sulfur to sulfuric acid, 40000 tons of ammonium phosphate to 60000 tons, 40000 tons of calcium hydrogen to 100000 tons and related three wastes treatment projects have been drawn with CAD, and the drawing rate of microcomputer is 100%. It not only improves the design quality and speed, but also greatly popularizes CAD aided design technology among design researchers, and enhances their ability to use advanced design research methods and technologies to pull splines until splines break

practice has proved that the use of CAD has many advantages. First, it can greatly reduce the labor intensity of technicians, and can invest energy and time in new product development and major technical solutions. 6 Before the operation of the cold and hot shock test box, the door of the test box should be closed properly and tightly; 2. It is convenient to modify the drawing, and the design can be optimized by repeatedly modifying and perfecting it on the basis of widely soliciting the opinions of all parties until all parties are satisfied; III. cost saving, computer graphics, on the one hand, can save a lot of time and drawings, on the other hand, through computer optimization design, reduce errors, and save product costs after the device is put into operation; 4. CAD aided design drawings are reusable for many times, beautiful, neat, clear and convenient for construction; V. through the Internet, you can also consult relevant professional institutions and units, view information and carry out business exchanges

II. Apply "UFIDA financial system" in financial management and establish "Hongda (Group) company financial management system". It realizes the computer dynamic management of the entry, query, modification, printing and other operations of the company's financial bills, integrates with the national financial management, operates on the same platform, and makes the company's financial management realize standardized and standardized operations. Compared with manual operation, the number of financial accounting personnel is reduced by 50%

III. The "personnel management system of HTC (Group) Company" has been independently prepared and operated. Thoroughly understand the basic situation of the company's cadres, scientific and technological personnel and ordinary workers. So that the age structure, education level, work experience, skills and distribution of workers, Party members, cadres and scientific and technological personnel have been systematically recorded, and the mobility of employees can be reflected in a timely manner. It realizes the computer dynamic management of the company's personnel management file management in the aspects of input, query, modification, printing and so on. The system can provide statistical data, query or print services according to different attributes such as name, gender, age (length of service), political outlook, job title, education and major. It ended the history of the company's personnel management without system files

IV. the "production and operation data management and control system of HTC (Group) Company" has been independently prepared and operated. It realizes the computer dynamic management of the company's production and operation data entry, query, modification, printing and other operations. According to the requirements of the period or time point, it can timely provide the basic production and operation data of the company, such as output and quality, consumption cost, output rate, sales rate and total production and sales rate. Combined with the adoption of bitcom communication technology, it realizes the long-distance transmission of relevant data. It has realized the long-distance transmission of production and operation data and the sharing of information resources between the group company and its branches far away from its headquarters, and carried out public inquiries and advertising sales. Overcome the situation of "scattered, disordered, slow and discontinuous" production and operation management of the company

v. the "material procurement and supply management system of Hongda (Group) Company" has been independently prepared and operated. The material management system combines the actual situation of the company and contacts with relevant material procurement and supply to establish the reference system of Hongda (Group) company's common material warehouse. After inputting the use requirements proposed by the user, the system can automatically evaluate the supplier's ability through search and comparison in the common material library reference system to synthesize the quality, cost and service conditions for purchasing decisions. Realize bidding and selective procurement or comparison of quality and price, so as to minimize the cost of purchased materials while meeting the use requirements. According to statistics, only this measure can save 3million yuan of procurement cost a year compared with the original. At the same time, it can carry out computer dynamic management of material purchase and supply management data entry, query, modification, printing and other operations. The supplier files and spare parts files have been improved. Strengthen the basic management work of material procurement and supply

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