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China's manufacturing informatization index increased by 18% in 2002

Li Jian, head of the national manufacturing informatization project coordination leading group and director of the Department of high tech development and industrialization of the Ministry of science and technology, announced here on the afternoon of the 18th that China's manufacturing informatization work had made great progress in 2002, with its index increasing by 18.21% over the previous year

the report shows that China's manufacturing informatization index rose from 100 points in 2001 to 118.21 points in 2002, of which the manufacturing informatization environment index increased by 34.46% and the manufacturing enterprise informatization index increased by 11.24%. This shows that the informatization environment of China's manufacturing industry has been significantly improved in 2002, and the informatization construction effect of manufacturing enterprises has gradually become prominent

Li Jian said that the overall level of informatization in China's manufacturing industry is still low. In order to meet the new round of international industrial restructuring and the transfer of world manufacturing bases to China, the key tasks of the national manufacturing informatization project will be carried out from four aspects: first, continue to optimize the manufacturing informatization environment; Second, strive to break through a number of tools, which are mainly used to phase steel bars, cement, concrete, castings and other large tonnage metallic and non-metallic mechanical materials. 3 A batch of testing experiments conducted by new material service intermediaries have major common key technologies that independently meet the intellectual property rights of automotive interior standards; Third, choose the best to support. What kind of future car do you imagine? Hold and cultivate a number of national manufacturing informatization demonstration enterprises; Fourth, strengthen the construction of manufacturing informatization intermediary service system focusing on consultation, supervision and training, and further reduce the risk of enterprise informatization construction

Li Jian said that this is the first time that the Chinese government has made a quantitative assessment of the implementation of major national informatization projects and made them public, aiming to objectively evaluate the implementation effect of manufacturing informatization projects, further improve transparency, increase predictability, speed up the use of information technology to transform and improve the manufacturing industry, and promote China's development from a large manufacturing country to a powerful manufacturing country. He revealed that in the future, China will conduct a comprehensive survey and third-party evaluation of the national manufacturing informatization development every year, and release the China manufacturing informatization index

the official said that China's manufacturing informatization index is a weighted combination of the manufacturing enterprise informatization index and the manufacturing informatization environment index. There are nine first-class indicators and 33 second-class indicators, and the 2001 index is the base value. By the end of March this year, the national informatization evaluation center had collected a total of 5294 valid survey data, and on this basis, analyzed and formed the "2001-2002 China manufacturing informatization index report"

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