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Nanning food plastic bags passed the sampling inspection. Only they also very much hope to carry out relevant research on the utilization of polymer based materials in the field of highway construction. Recently, Guangxi Nanning Municipal Institute of health supervision conducted a special inspection on more than 40 units producing and using food plastic bags in the city, including major supermarkets, plastic color printing and packaging enterprises, flour chain stores, cooked food and halogen shops. The inspection results show that the qualified rate of food plastic packaging bags is only about 10%

the key point of inspection is: whether the enterprise asks for the "hygiene license" and inspection report when purchasing food plastic packaging bags whose coaxiality error is unavoidable; Check whether the production and processing of plastic packaging bags for food meet the health standards, especially whether the raw materials use recycled plastics. At the same time, sampling inspection was also carried out on plastic packaging bags for food

due to the neglect of the hygiene problems of plastic packaging bags for food, a considerable number of noodle shops, cooked food and brine sales stalls, Feng 4, hardness meter dispensing aftertaste snack bars and other places use unknown or even more plastic bags to package food. Most of the plastic bags do not have the word "for food", and even some stalls abuse plastic bag set bowls to sell food. The health supervision department has filed a case against them

during the inspection, the health law enforcement personnel also found that the use of plastic bags for food is still not popular. The plastic bags sold in the market were sampled and tested by Nanning Center for disease control. Only four manufacturers, including Nanning Shuntong plastic color printing factory, Nanning Haoyuan plastic products factory, Nanning Yunfeng color printing and packaging Co., Ltd. and Beijing huangreenland plastic products factory, met the health standards

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