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How can the educational institutions that win the "overtaking on Curves" continue to take the lead in the summer sales golden month

the damage of the epidemic to the industry economy has eliminated a large number of educational and training institutions with weak anti risk ability. However, the fierce competition in the education and training industry has not stopped, especially in educational institutions

with the help of the major media's hype about the development momentum of education, all kinds of capital began to focus more on the education industry that turns danger into overtaking and wins in machine bends. Parents also changed their consumption habits under this boost, and more inclined to inject a lot of warmth into the challenging entrepreneurial road, choosing education courses for their children. In a recent education consumption questionnaire, 528 parents increased their education consumption budget, of which 68% said that the number of classes registered for their children would increase

01 current situation of the development of the education industry

in the hot summer, instead of spending time on the way to various education and training institutions every day, it is better to choose a cost-effective education institution to let children study at home safely and safely. This is the reason why many education and training institutions try their best to seize the golden month of summer sales, choose the marketing method of burning money for traffic to attract parents' attention, and finally sign up

since the development of the education industry, direct revenue generation and franchise enclosure have become an effective development model verified by many education brands. However, the Internet business model of educational institutions has led many people to mistakenly believe that the high exposure brought by traffic accumulation can certainly bring them considerable sales performance

but the reality is that whether it is during the period of rapid business development or the epidemic, a series of problems such as high staff mobility, long training cycle for newcomers and high operating costs in educational institutions may not be able to successfully convert a large number of potential customers exchanged for traffic marketing into real customers

02 AI intelligent voice robot is an all-round marketing assistant for sales enterprises

with the rapid development of artificial intelligence technology, AI intelligent voice robot not only helps enterprises greatly save manpower and marketing costs, but also quickly improves sales performance. Recent data shows that AI intelligent voice robots can work 24 hours a day without interruption. They can dial and measure every day, which is times that of human beings. They can be described as an all-round marketing assistant for sales enterprises

recently, as a professional intelligent voice platform service provider that independently developed Ai Ai +saas+ mobile Internet cutting-edge technology, Yimi Yuntong applied the combination of remote seats/robots to help multiple educational institutions quickly build call center home seats, so that even employees who cannot return to centralized jobs can work at home, and do not miss any good opportunity to improve their performance

in the daily work and operation, the Mihua AI intelligent voice robot independently developed by Yimi Yuntong is superior in terms of operating costs, the construction status of the "graphene environmental corrosion special database", customer follow-up and daily outbound calls. In terms of course sales scenarios, Mihua AI intelligent voice robot can handle and connect customers by itself and analyze customer voice content in real time, Select pre-set marketing scripts to guide customers to explain their needs, and automatically mark and group customers, so that manual agents can focus on key customers and customer groups with difficult problems to be solved

such a standardized workflow can not only greatly reduce the labor cost of carbon fiber composites used in car bodies and chassis, but also help educational institutions intelligently and accurately target customers, improve the conversion rate of sales orders, and easily complete marketing tasks

The temperature is around 23 ℃

in addition, considering the demand of education and training institutions for promoting the service coverage of high-quality education resources to more regions, Yimi Yuntong covers 26 provinces and 300 + cities across the country with technical support, cloud deployment, support of high concurrency, high-quality ASR speech recognition Many advantages, such as highly personalized TTS speech synthesis and outbound call display of local landline number, can help educational institutions quickly solve the problem of capacity expansion and upgrading, improve the work efficiency of seats, and ensure the stable development of business to the greatest extent

it is expected that educational institutions will still show a growth rate during the epidemic period. After all, parents are not willing to reduce their children's education investment no matter how the consumption is degraded. As an educational institution, while ensuring the stable operation and high-quality education output of the institution, it should always seize the opportunity to contact more potential customers in exchange of high traffic accumulation, and efficiently realize the transformation of real customers through Mi Hua AI intelligent voice robot, improve sales performance, and create profits for the enterprise

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